Want to Delete your Gmail or Google Account?

Here’s How You Can Delete your Gmail or Google Account

There are a lot of reasons for someone wanting to delete their Gmail or Google account, which is not the same thing.

Maybe you are tired of using the same account, maybe you are switching jobs and you use Gmail for your work, or maybe you have just fallen out with Google. Anything’s possible, right?

Well, we aren’t judging you for your personal choices. You gotta do what you gotta do.

So without further ado, let’s see how you can delete your Gmail and Google accounts. Step by step. With screenshots and absolutely everything else you will need.

Here you go. Enjoy your Gmail-free or Google-free digital life (or not!).


A small warning. Make absolutely sure that this is exactly what you want. Don’t just delete your gmail or google account by mistake, or on a whim. You will lose all important emails, files and everything in your gmail or google account if you don’t back them up. So be 100 percent sure about deleting your Gmail account.

Download your Important ‘Stuff’

Okay, so whether you wish to delete your Gmail, or your whole Google account (Google Drive, YouTube, and any other Google services), you need to download and back up all your files (if you need them). Download your emails, uploaded YouTube videos, files on Google Drive, and anything else that you need before deleting your account.

You can do this through Google Takeout – a service that helps you export all your Google data at the same time. This is how it looks like.

Gmail or Google Account

So just check all the Google products and/or services that you wish to export data from, and choose the desired format for your data. For example, your mail is offered in MBOX format and your Blogger data in Atom XML format.

Gmail or Google AccountGmail or Google Account

Now click the Next button at the bottom of the page.

Now that you have backed up your important data, you can choose whether you wish to delete your whole Google account or just the Gmail account.

Gmail Account Deletion

When deleting your Gmail address, the following things occur by default:

  • You or anyone else will never be able to use your Gmail account again.
  • You will have no record of any previous emails associated with that account.
  • This will not affect others things on the Google Account (your search history, Google Play purchases, etc).

Steps for Deleting your Gmail Account

If you want to delete just your Gmail account, meaning that you don’t wish to use your Gmail for emails and everything that comes with Gmail, then follow the outlined steps here.

  1. Go to your My Account page.
  2. Click Account Preferences. Scroll down to Delete your account or services. It will look something like this.

Gmail or Google Account

  1. Left Mouse Click on the first option for Delete products. You will be taken to the following page.

Gmail or Google Account

Click on Download Data if you haven’t downloaded it already, otherwise click on the trash can next to Gmail.

  1. When you click on the bin, a popup will appear.

Gmail or Google Account

  1. Enter another email address (it should not be Gmail) to continue to use other Google services. Now click on Send Verification Email. You will get an email on your provided email address that looks something like this.

Gmail or Google Account

  1. Click on the link and you will be taken to the following page.

Gmail or Google Account

  1. Check the box and click on Delete Gmail. This is your last warning so just stop if you have any second thoughts.

Gmail or Google Account

  1. This is it. You don’t have a Gmail email account anymore!

For more information on deleting your Gmail account, click here.

Google Account Deletion

Before, we talked about how to proceed with your Gmail account deletion. Let’s take a look at how things are if you with to delete your entire Google Account. Once you do this, you will no longer have access to:

  • Drive, Gmail, Calendar, etc – any services for which you would need to sign in.
  • Any data directly tied to your account. This includes photos, emails and transaction records
  • Subscriptions and any other content purchases on YouTube (such as TV shows and movies)
  • Ccontent purchases on Google Play (such as music or games)Any data saved in Chrome if you’re logged into the browser with your Google Account.
  • The username you selected when you created your account for Gmail. Once deleted, you can never use it again, even if it’s for a new account.

Steps for Deleting your Google Account

  1. Follow the first two steps of the Steps for Deleting your Gmail Account
  2. Now click on the second option of Delete your Google account and data. You will be taken to the following page.

Gmail or Google Account

  1. Check the two boxes and click on Delete Account.
  2. Your account is now deleted.

Gmail or Google Account

For more information on deleting your Google account, click here.

Recovering your Gmail Account

So you went ahead and did delete your Gmail account on a whim, even after we had warned you?

Well, you are lucky. If you recently deleted your Gmail, Google has arranged for you a simple way to recover it. They always know you will be wanting to coming back, don’t they? Or maybe you want to recover some important emails. Well, whatever the case, here is how you can recover your Gmail account if you deleted it recently.

  1. Go to Google’s account support page and enter the email address that you signed in with Google.

Gmail or Google Account

  1. Click on Next. Something like this will show up.

Gmail or Google Account

  1. Click on Attempt to restore this account.
  2. Type in your password. Click Next.

Gmail or Google Account

  1. You have recovered your account!

Gmail or Google Account

Just make sure that you have downloaded all your important files before you proceed to delete any of your accounts. Account recovery is possible only if you have deleted your account recovery, otherwise your account is gone for good – poof! And you will never have the same username again.

For more information on how to use your Gmail or Google Account visit https://emailhelpr.com/gmail-login