Gmail password reset

When was the last time you did a Gmail password reset? Most of us don’t even know the answer to it. The reason is that most of us take passwords as granted and don’t spend an extra second thinking about the importance of a strong password.  So, once we set a password while creating an account, we tend to forget about the necessary ‘security checks’ for our accounts that includes a regular Gmail password reset.

No matter how boring passwords are, they are critically important to access your online accounts and keeping them safe.

The online threats are getting even stronger and keeping your online accounts safe is becoming a big challenge.  If you haven’t done a Gmail password reset recently, here are the top reasons why you should consider doing it right now.

Your Most Important  Data is as Vulnerable as Your Weak Password

Gmail password reset

In our emails, we exchange almost everything, including our personal information, addresses, bank details, passwords, and credit card information. All of this information is highly vulnerable to online attacks; especially if you have a weak password.

Even if your password isn’t a weak one and you have followed all the strong password rules, you need to worry about your data safety because, in the recent past, many big websites have been hacked. Sites such as Yahoo and LinkedIn have been compromised by hackers; some sites even twice.

The worst thing about the sites being hacked is that the sites know sometime after the breach when the hackers have stolen and sold all the data. The news of hacks takes weeks or even months to come in media. Although Gmail is safe enough to get hacked, it is always good to have a frequent Gmail password reset.

Someone Might Have Bought Your Login ID and Password Pretty Cheap

When the hack occurs, the stolen data such as usernames and passwords are sold at pretty cheap rates in the dark market.  Surprisingly, the rates of your login IDs and passwords are not as much as you might anticipate. Account details of a Netflix account, for example, can be sold for a few cents. Your email ID and password might be sold for a few bucks. No matter how important and expensive information you have got in your email account, it is all worth a few bucks for the hackers.

There is a simple reason for your account details being so cheap in the dark market. When the hackers hack, they get access to millions of accounts. This means that even if they sell the accounts in cents, they can amass millions of dollars.  Moreover, they have to sell all of it pretty quickly.

If you do a Gmail password reset, you don’t need to worry about the rate at which your login credentials were sold.

Some People Don’t Realize the Severity of Account Hacks

A few people seem to be so calm and collected regarding their online account security. If someone tells them that ‘yesterday, Yahoo was hacked; and your account details might be compromised’, he might hear responses like this one.

“Meh, I hadn’t had much important information in my account so I don’t care much.”

What you see in this response is clear lack of knowledge regarding how much an online breach can hurt you; not once, but, if left unchecked, forever.  If you don’t change your password and the site gets compromised, you might lose the important stuff that you don’t have in your accounts right now but will have in future. As you don’t care about resetting your password, the hacker has got lifetime access to your account.

The sky is the limit when it comes to manipulating the login credentials. Many third-party sites use Gmail profile as Login. And as hackers have got your user ID and password, they can use those credentials to log into third-party sites and do whatever they can. This obviously includes illegal activities such as online blackmailing, spamming, and even harassment.

It’s Better to Do a Gmail Password Reset Rather Than Fixing a Hacked Account

You might feel that a Gmail password reset is a boring task that wastes time and energy. This is because you don’t know that amount of effort that is required to restore a lost account.

Resetting a password is easier because there are fewer steps involved in the process.  On the other hand, if you lose the access of your account due to a hack, it will take days or even weeks to get a hold on to your account.

Changing Passwords Frequently is Easier Than You Think

There was a time when people had to think hard before being able to create a strong password. The general password rules such as the password should be a mixture of alphabets, numbers, and symbols, and it should contain upper case and lower case alphabets, etc., can be managed for the first few rounds, but there is a limit for everything.

If you hate changing the passwords, for this reason, you might want to know that there are password generating tools available online that do all the work for you in a single click.  All you have to do is care about changing the password, use the password generating tool, and get a password for yourself.  The final step would be to do a Gmail password reset.


For Gmail users, regular Gmail password is very important as it saves you from unlimited online threats that we face nowadays.  Hacks happen and we don’t know about it, and what we don’t know hurts us.  The frequent resetting of passwords might seem a tough task but online password managers have made things very easy. You can get a brand new, highly secure password with a single click. Finally, changing your password frequently is better than going through the account recovery process.

We hoped that the information here helped you realize the importance of maintaining your Gmail account password regularly. Feel free to share with us your experience managing your Gmail password. How often you change your password and how safe you feel after it? Are there any problems resetting your password?

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