How To Share Your Gmail Contacts With Any Other Gmail User

Gmail shared contacts is a very useful feature of Gmail that allows you to share your Gmail contacts with any other Gmail user. The process is as simple as sharing any file or folder with any other user over Gmail. This amazing feature sets no limits on the number of contacts to be shared or anything like that. In this blog, we will learn how Gmail shared contacts work and how you can easily share your contacts with a user without worrying about data security or the size of the shared data.

How ‘Gmail Shared Contacts’ Works?

The Gmail shared contacts feature is already integrated into the Gmail and you have to do nothing special to make use of it. Furthermore, the feature can be used through any handheld device such as a mobile and a tablet. Also, the feature is also supported by third-party applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

There is one important thing that every user should keep in mind. The shared contacts feature works only on the same domain names. For example,  if you work in a company and your company has its own domain, the Gmail shared contacts feature will work just fine when you want to share your contacts with one of your company mates. But if you want to share contacts with domain, there is no feature in Google to support this yet. You might want to use a third-party application for this which we will discuss in the later part of this blog.

Steps to Share Gmail Contacts

Here is how you can use the Gmail shared contacts feature in Gmail.

  • Go to your Google Contacts
  • Click on the ‘More’ button to open a pull-down menu.
  • You will see an option to add email addresses. Enter the email IDs of the person you want to share your contacts with. Remember that the email ID should be of the same domain as the one you are using.
  • The final step is to click on ‘Share and Save’.

Third Party Applications

If you want to go for an easier method to share your contacts, you can use a third-party application. There are multiple third-party applications available on the Google Play or Google marketplace. These applications allow you to share your contacts easily with another user. These applications come with some extra features, some of which are mentioned here.

High Security with Permission Manager

With the Google shared contacts feature, you don’t have to worry about your data security while sharing your contacts. Moreover, you have the capability to give selective permissions to the users with whom you are sharing your contacts. With permission manager, you can allow the other user to either edit the contact, delete them, or only view them. The three options in the permission manager give full authority to the user over his shared contacts.

More Advanced Features

A few more advanced features are yet to be added to Google shared contacts. This includes a secure storage to the shared contacts so that you can never lose the contacts you share. Also, there is a highly sophisticated contacts tracking system coming for the Gmail shared contacts. With this tracking system, a user can keep an eye on the changes or updates to the shared contacts.

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