Gmail smart reply

Google has recently introduced many new features to its mailing services. One of the features that is getting a lot of attention from the users as well as the technology people is the Gmail Smart Reply.  This feature predicts quick replies to your incoming emails and saves you a few seconds.

In today’s post, we will review the Gmail Smart Reply; how it works, are there any privacy issues? And what are the users’ reviews of the service.

How Gmail smart reply predicts responses?

Gmail smart reply is a feature that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. This means that it’s not the human brains that work behind the screen to suggest the automatic responses to your emails; it’s the computers.  Gmail uses artificial intelligence to scan the emails to your inbox and suggest a quick reply according to the situation.

Gmail smart reply

Most of the responses are relevant and can easily be used as a response.  The Gmail smart reply is quite smart; it not only scans the current email but also scans the previous conversation to understand the scenario and predict the response. It even scans the style of writing of the sender and uses the punctuation marks according to the preferences of the sender.

Are there any privacy issues with the Gmail smart reply?

Absolutely not! As mentioned earlier, there is zero human involvement in the execution of this feature. Google is known to uphold the privacy of its users and it has surely considered the privacy of its users while devising this feature.  So Gmail users can rest assured that their privacy is fully intact and no one reads their emails to generate the replies.  It is the machines that scan your email; just like they do to detect the Spam and malware in your email.

What are users’ reviews about Gmail auto reply?

Initially, there were mixed reviews about the service. Gmail smart reply started with three short replies so there were very limited options for the users. However, Gmail has now expanded its automatic reply cache and users can find increasingly relevant replies which they can use with a single click instead of typing.

Can a user deactivate Gmail smart reply?

If a user would like to reply in detail, he can easily skip the Gmail auto reply and hit the reply button to hand-write the reply.  If a user wants to deactivate the Gmail smart reply feature altogether, he can easily do it by going to the Gmail Settings and turning off the Gmail smart reply option.


Gmail smart reply is a great addition to the Gmail list of features. It not only saves valuable time for the users but also saves users from the hectic typing routine.  As it happens with every new feature, users will take some time to embrace the feature; then they will surely use it to the fullest of its potential. Moreover, the Gmail smart reply expands with a new set of replies; and more and more users will find the Gmail auto reply more useful.



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