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Gmail Undo Send- Now Available on Android

When Gmail Undo Send feature first rolled out, it was a great sigh of relief for all the users; because most of us have had some embarrassing experience with while sending an email; at least once.

Mistakes in an email are inevitable; some mistakes can cost jobs because an unintentional mistake can cost millions for a company. Also, a typo or a spelling error can change the meaning of the words which can lead to misunderstanding, fights, breakups, and what not.

In a recent update, Gmail has rolled out the mobile version of Gmail undo send. This amazing feature will be available to the uses who have Android phones and have Gmail version 8.7.  The iOS users must be disappointed but they should soon hear some good news because we know that Gmail doesn’t take much time in updating good things everywhere.

Gmail Undo Send

Gmail undo send was first seen in the Gmail’s features list in 2015.  This feature works by delaying the time that it takes to send an email. By default, a user has 10 seconds to realize that he has done a mistake and needs to ‘Undo Send’.  However, users have the option to delay the Send time for up to 30 seconds.

Gmail Undo Send For Android

Gmail undo send

In the recent update, the Gmail Undo Send feature is now available for Android users. The latest official Gmail app version contains this feature by default. So if you use an Android device, all you need is to upgrade to your Gmail app to the latest version 8.7 to avail this feature.

Gmail Undo Send For iOS

So far, there is no update from Gmail about the Gmail undo send feature for iOS devices. But as we said earlier, it doesn’t take Google much to spread good things to all its users.  So, the iOS users shouldn’t have to wait much longer to have this feature on their Gmail app.

It is useful to mention here that the Gmail Inbox app for Android and iOS contains this feature. However, the official Gmail app didn’t have this feature until the recent update. So, if you have an iOS device and want to have this feature in your mailing service, you can download the Gmail Inbox, which is a lighter version of Gmail.


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