If you have been wondering how to install the latest APK update for Gmail – or even whether or not you should and what benefits it offers – this article will guide you through the process and explain what you need to know about the newest APK update from Gmail.

What is an Gmail APK Update & Why is it Important?

An APK update is simply a more technical app update – one that hasn’t been released yet. All of the apps that are out there have the ability to update, with the newest code including new features, security upgrades and even changes to the interface. Most people do not update their apps manually and on most apps that you have installed on your phone or mobile device, this isn’t really a huge problem. However, when a feature comes along that hasn’t officially been released in the Google Play store – you have to manually install an APK.

Why do you need the Latest Update?

At the time of this writing, the latest APK update for the Gmail app is 6.3.117716127.  The whole purpose of this update is to get it before Google actually includes it with the regular app update. So why do you need the latest update? Because it may have features that you want but that Google has not released officially yet and the only way that you can get them included with your Gmail app is to download the APK update manually and install it.

Included Features of the Newest App Update

Gmail Install App

There are some pretty cool features that come with the latest app update for April 2016 already. You may still want the APK update if you see a feature that you need from an Android watchdog website that you are subscribed to, but these features are still pretty stellar. One of them is the fact that Google has made significant upgrades to their calendar function inside of the email interface.

In the past, you would have to go through and gather up emails related to an event to see if anything had changed and then change it on your calendar but with the new update, Google gathers up all the emails for you and you can see instantly whether or not a calendar item has changed.

The new update also improves newsletters that you get in your email box. When you receive the newsletter now, you can preview it without having to open it. You are also able to navigate around the newsletter and go to the section that you want to read instantly by clicking that section from the preview.

There may be other minor bug fixes and updates that are included with this update but these are the major changes. There are obviously more in the newest APK updates.

How to Get the Gmail APK Update

The most difficult part of installing and APK update is to actually find it. The whole purpose of installing this update is so that you can get the features that are included with that update prior to the time when Google actually releases them in your area on the App Store Google Play Store but that means you can’t find them on the Play Store. There are places out there that you can find APK updates but you are definitely going to have to search for the file manually. Finding the latest update can be the toughest part of the entire process.

How to Install it

Once you have found the update then you need to save it to your computer and transfer it to your device somehow, saving it in a location where you will be able to remember it. If this is your first time installing APK update then you need to go to your settings menu and go to the security tab and enable unknown sources. That way you will be able to install the file because otherwise Google restricts updates to the Google Play store. From there, all you do is use the file manager to navigate to where you have stored the APK file and then install it. Google will ask you for a number of permissions and then allow you to install it.

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