Google Duo is the new, simple video calling app that brings you face-to-face with all the people that matter most.

Google Duo is a really great video calling app, similar to facetime for apple phones. It has recently reached over a staggering 1 billion downloads according to the Google the Play Store.

In fact the acceleration of the download growth is very impressive. Duo hit 500 million downloads just six months ago.

Duo does come pre-installed on many Android devices, but it’s basically impossible for any app that isn’t pre-installed on some devices to reach that number.

Google has officially announced that it’s shutting down Allo, ending the run of yet another failed Google chat app experiment. The news isn’t entirely unsurprising, given that Google had already paused investment in Allo back in April. Back then, the head of the communications group at Google, Anil Sabharwal, noted that “[Allo] as a whole has not achieved the level of traction we’d hoped for.”

Allo will “continue to work through March 2019,” Google says, and users will be able to export their conversation history until then.

A number of new applications and functions have constantly been a part and parcel of using Google. In this regard, Google Allo is among the most anticipated google updates. It is a smartphone application that supports both android and IOS. This smart messaging app provides users with a chance to do much more than ever before. It first came as a simple messaging application and was not so popular previously but google has continued to update it and add more features to it.

Google Allo – Not Just A Messaging Application

Google Allo

Google Allo came to the market just a year ago, but it is already stepping ahead with advancements and updates. As per the recent advancements, Google Allo is not just a messaging application anymore, rather there is way too much in store for all users. Recently Google has gone for the addition of the ‘Google Assistant’ in the Google Allo app. This enables the summoning of the Google assistant at each and every step during the use of the application. Each message thread of Google Allo has the assistant enabled, just a single tap away, providing rapid availability and assistance. This rapid availability has been enabled by means of a shortcut provided in the messaging app right next to the ‘send’ option. This provides the services of answering various queries of the users including weather updates, different show times and a lot more stuff.

New and Updated Features

In addition to the integration of Google Assistant in the Google Allo, the updates also included a much-refined GIF search. This search is possible through a library that is now a part of the Google Allo app tapping on the library option through a shortcut key. This key enables the search of stickers and shows the most used stickers first. The user can browse through the various sticker options available and choose what suits their needs. Also, along with the stickers present in the app, the most used GIF by the users can also be searched in the library and used.

This may seem like a whole new bunch of updates, but that is not all. Google Allo has gone a step further and added the option of emoji picker in the sticker bar. This enables the users to add emojis to their conversations and gain a more lively and interactive chat experience. The most amazing thing about the emoji option is the ability to change the size. Additionally, Google Allo also now enables a newer animation feature. Currently, only a few of the emojis are compatible with the animation feature. We all hope that future updates will pave way for more emojis in the animation feature.


Loaded with all these newer and exciting features, Google Allo has hit the market and is available for Android users. While the iOS users may have to wait for just a little to lay their hands on this amazingly updated version of Google Allo. The specifications and the various new features have been added in the updated version of Google Allo. This will ensure that users wait for the app with bated breath.


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