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Google Assistant: Security Tips Tricks And Controls

Google Is Recording Everything We Say, Here Is How to Hear It, Delete It and Prevent It In the Future

It seems Google may have records of your conversations some even from as far back as 2015!  This is through their Voice & Audio Activity. You see, when we use the command option (where you say “Ok Google” and your phone searches something for you) our phones are recording this audio for seconds before we say “Ok Google” and shortly after. (Possibly longer, who knows at this point?) Audio can even be saved when your device is offline. That being said, we can manage the things saved.

Click here to see your recordings, play them back, and if you want; delete them. It doesn’t stop there though, click here to see your internet records. Crazy, isn’t it? We are being monitored on a very deep level. Sure, being able to search things with our voices is neat and convenient but the fact that we are being recorded is a bit nerve-wracking even if we aren’t saying or doing anything wrong in our daily lives.

If you want to prevent Google from recording you in the future turn off this option and keep it off.

On Monday, Google announced that its Assistant is expected to hit the mark of 1 billion devices this month. That number includes smart speakers, smart displays, phones, headphones and more.

Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant

Take a closer look at the outtakes, bloopers, and behind-the-scenes footage of Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant featuring Macaulay Culkin.

Google recently rolled out their mobile phone assistant successfully, aptly named Google Assistant. The infant assistant already has a healthy competition with the likes of Siri and Cortana. So it has to go above and beyond to impress mobile users. It has been having a great time, Google is steadily improving it to be smarter and handy.

New update for Google Assistant

Google assistant

Google recently came out with a huge improvement for their assistant; Google assistant can now read your texts. A few days ago the assistant was introduced in the Android Marshmallow and Nougat users. It has the voice activation feature like the other assistants. But the latest integration with text messages is a unique element to the AI assistant arena.

Initial Struggle

This was a drawback for the Google Assistant as it was introduced, it couldn’t read messages properly. Though there was an integration with Google Allo, still there was a struggle for the assistant to read out the messages of the users. The new update fixes this issue spectacularly and brings a seamlessness to the whole process.

The Improvement

When you have this update installed, you can ask the Google Assistant to read out all the texts that you are receiving. It can even read out the messages that you have sent out and any recent texts you have received from a specific contact. In addition to this, you can ask the assistant about any messages that remain unread on your phone. It will inform you accordingly and mark out the action you need to take.

The latest update works with all the text services that are available, the only restriction being that you need to have Android Marshmallow or Nougat on your phone. There is still a hindrance when this feature is used in Allo or Android wearable devices; the results on these technologies are very inaccurate.

Further Reach

If the assistant is activated on your phone, you will be able to benefit from the update. It is also expected to roll out as part of Google’s larger update of the Play Services. There is still a very limited reach of the Google Assistant update, there are many phones like the Nexus 6P, which still haven’t received the update. Some Android users still have to be very patient as Google might take a while before it makes the assistant available on all the new generation Android devices.

Although this update is seemingly a small one, but this interaction is huge when it comes to user friendliness and usability of the Google Assistant. Google is betting that updates and improvements will make their assistant the one to beat in the AI assistant game. Hence the push for the roll out to all the Android devices. Future updates like this one will make the user interaction with the assistant a whole lot smoother. All Android users can do now is to wait and see what else Google has under its sleeve for their assistant.

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