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What is Google Classroom and Why You Should Care About It

In case you were not familiar with what Google Classroom is, it is a set of productivity tools offered by Google that comes with email, docs and storage. This is a tool custom crafted for teachers as it helps them save time, keep their classes organized and above all help improve the way they communicate with their students.

In saving their time, teachers are able to create a register in Google classroom with ease. All they need is to generate a code that the students can use in signing up which means you do administrative activities less and focus more on teaching. In addition to that, there are those teachers responsible for multiple classes, Google Classroom makes their job simpler as well by helping them manage all those classes from a single user interface. You can also plan your student’s assignments by adding referencing materials, optional due dates for individual students and creating customized grades.

Before I exhaust all the benefits, here are some of the reasons you should care and ‘invest’ in Google Classroom.

1. No more paper stacks

Dealing with paper is one of the most annoying tasks for teachers. Paper is bulky which is annoying and this coupled with the fact it’s easier to be junky and messy with paper makes everything complicated. And yes, we can’t forget the giant teacher bag you have to carry everywhere just for your paper stacks to fit in. If you want to live a paperless life as teacher and streamline your workflow in the neatest way possible, then go for Google Classroom.

2. Easily manage your classroom

If you were used to collecting your assignments by checking off names on your register or a custom made list for that purpose, then consider bidding farewell to such a system. Google classroom will afford you an amazing opportunity that will enable you to keep track of your work including assignments using nothing but just a simple glance. This makes it easy for you to keep track of all your assignments and follow up on non performing students if need be.

3. Track the Progress of your students in real time.

One of the most difficult tasks every teacher faces is tracking his/her students’ progress in the classroom. If you are using Google Classroom, this all important task is made extra easier as you are able to view and track the progress of your students in real time. Apart from being able to check their progress, you will also be able to give them feedback via Google Documents and if you gave them corrections on a particular document, you can use the history feature to see their current progress with the revision.

4. You will never lose work

This is the thing I love the most about Google’s range of application, they are all cloud based. This means you can access them from anywhere, regardless of the device you may be using. Apart from easy accessibility, there’s also the fact you will never lose information. Google operates on a 5 tier back-up system that makes it almost impossible for you to ever lose your data as it is stored in 5 different places and servers. I’ve even heard some of their databases and servers are even located offshore in the pacific. The fact that the systems are cloud based means the students will never have to worry about stuff like flash drives including having to email files every now and then increasing their chances of losing progress in case their computer malfunctions.

5. The Application

Google invests millions every year into making their platform applications more accessible to their 1 billion users. The Google Classroom application enables both students and teachers to communicate and learn on the go. And unlike other Companies, with Google you can do as much as you can on your mobile device as you would on your PC. When a student is using the Google Classroom application, they will receive notifications whenever an assignment is posted. Besides receiving live notifications, the teacher will post assignments right from the mobile application making everything simpler and amazing.

6. View all the work by a Student on a single screen

This is an amazing feature particular if you want to pay attention on the progress of a single student. Although this feature is recent as it was introduced late last year, it’s still useful. Parent teacher conferences have been made easier.

7. Discussions

Google classroom apart from all the learning can also be social as you are able to facilitate online discussions with your students. But that’s not only what the discussion feature in Google Classroom can do though. You can either set the responses to private or make them private so that the students can also share their ideas and collaborate. Besides the discussions, Google has another feature that enables you to connect with the guardians of the students. You can opt to send a weekly report that will update the parents on everything (assignments, discussions, missing work, etc.)

8. Manage Multiple Classrooms

I know, I had mentioned this in the 2nd paragraph but it needs emphasis. For any teacher, managing a single class is a burden all on it’s own and when this task doubles or triples, things can become unbearable. Google classroom makes this task easier as you can do so without having to shuffle between stacks of papers or anything of that sort which is amazing.

In conclusion, Google Classroom is free. Yes, this amazing service and all its features is free, no ads or limited features, everything is for free. If you use an internal School management software for your school, it can also be integrated with Google Classroom via the Classroom API to make everything simple. Google classroom is a valuable tool to make use of.


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