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Google Images: Tips To Boost Your Online Presence and Search Engine Results With Images

Today, images are more important than ever to maintain a profitable online presence. You simply can’t find any marketing content material that doesn’t contain any image. Be it an article blog, email, social media post, or an online listing. Similarly, the Google Images are as important as any other type of marketing material you post online.

Images and Online Presence

Google Images

There is no denying the fact that images are an important source to boost the visual impact of your presence online. There are countless of reports, surveys, and testimonials that support the idea of having images as the ultimate source to retain and maintain an impactful online presence.  A few examples are worth sharing here. According to Google+, the posts that contain images are likely to be shared three times more than those posts which only contain text or links. Similarly, a report on Facebook suggests that the over 90% of the top 10 trending posts contain images.

The ultimate goal of any online business, regardless of its size, is to continuously boost the visual impact and visitors’ engagements. And researchers suggest that nothing else can beat images in ensuring all of these for businesses. There are tons of examples which relate to the good use of images in the online marketing.  Countless businesses continue to get positive results manifolds more than the expected ones.

Search Engine Results and Listings

Being so much important for the internet world, it was inevitable that the search engines do something about it. Now, almost all the search engines, especially the Google, takes into account the importance of images in search results.  All the top search engines including Google and Bing did generate text-based results and listings in the past. But this trend is now changing quickly. New algorithms come into practice on a regular basis through which images are becoming a factor in search engine rankings.  For example, Google recently started incorporating company logos for local search results.

The images have undoubtedly gained an important place in the listings and search engine results. And the trend suggests that the use of images in the listings and search engine results will only increase with time. Businesses need to know that while they add their images and business logos online, the search engines such as Google get to choose the images randomly in the search results. This means that the search results may show a different picture that was not set as your business profile picture online but was present on your site.

There is a reason for this uncertainty in the visual presentation of businesses online. It is that search engines have certain algorithms with which they operate.  And those Google images which do not comply with those algorithms do not appear in the search engine results.


Tips To Boost Your Online Presence With Google Images

It is important for the businesses that they know the importance of Google images. They need to work to maintain a good presence online with quality images. Moreover, the businesses also need to know how to utilize the images on different platforms to get the best results.

Now as we have established the importance of images in having an impactful online presence, it’s time to share some tricks and tips with the users so that they could know how to best utilize their images online. This article will help you to better manage your Google images and get best results in the search engine lists.


1- Take Control Of Your Online Presence

Even if you don’t have any online presence, you will find out that your business appears in the local listings online. You might even find images of your business place. Google has many sources to collect the images of venues and business places. Google sure does care about listing your business, but it is not the headaches of the Google to take care of how well are you presented online. The Google images that present your business might be from Google Street View or uploaded by a local agent. Most of the times, such images are not of the high quality which means that your online presence is not so appealing for the audience.

So before Google takes any action about your online presence, it is important that you wake up and take your business matters in your hands.

2- Set Your Business Profile Images

The Google My Business account lets every user set a cover photo, profile photo, and logo. The account also allows the users to upload different images of the business products and services.

While uploading the business photos, it is important for the users to know that it is Google that decides which image is going to be shown first in the search results. Despite the selection and allocation of images for the logo, profile, and cover, Google images may change altogether while being presented in search engine lists. This because of many factors that Google considers while presenting your business images. The factors include quality of the image, its size, resolution, format, etc.

So, uploading your business profile pictures for Google images, it is important to consider those images which give a perfect presentation of your business and pose a positive impact on the audience. Moreover, it is important to upload such picture which could easily be accommodated for varying roles; for example, as discussed earlier, the picture you set as the logo may not necessarily appear as your business logo in the search engine results. Hence, you should keep in mind that all the images should be compelling and impactful enough to boost your online profile.


3- Never Settle On An Image Until You Get The Required Quality

If an image doesn’t look good despite being high-quality and all that, don’t restrain yourself from changing it. It’s the presentation that matters. Sometimes, the quality of the image means that it has a large size.  Many platforms cannot display it due to the size constraints. Moreover, sometimes, Google Images may not display an image if it thinks the images violate the copyright laws or other terms and conditions.

It is important to keep checking your business profile images on all the online platforms and ensure that all your images are appearing just fine. If they are not, you should replace them ASAP. Because you don’t want the audience to see an empty square box in place of your business image.

The tip to avoid any inconvenience is to adhere to the prescribed image sizes. If you have selected an image to appear as your business profile image but it doesn’t fit the size or resolution limitations, you should alter the attributes and not post is just like that. What many businesses do is, even if Google doesn’t like the photo and decides not to display it, they edit the image a bit such as the resolution, size, intensity, and repost the same image. The Google thinks of it as a different image and allows it to appear online.

4- Keep Checking For The Ever-Changing Google Images Rules

Everyone knows that the Google is changing stuff regularly. Most of the times, the changes are for the good of the users. It is to give them a better experience and prevent many types of risks online. Same is the case with how the Google deals with the Google images.

Sometimes, the changes in the Google images algorithms cause your pictures to change or hide altogether. It is pertinent for the online businesses to continuously check for any changes in the Google images. You should frequently visit all the platforms where you have a presence.  You should ensure that all the images are at their place. If they are not, it’s the time to add another quality picture.

Many businesses complain that search engines alter or remove their profile pictures without any notice. These sorts of complaints are useless because this is not how the Google images work. Every online user will have to comply with the standards and rules set by the Google images.

So, it is important to revisit your images and make sure that they comply with the latest rules set by Google.

5- The Quality of Google Images

Google values the quality of images that you add to your content. But more importantly, your customers and first-time visitors (and potential customers) also take into account the quality that you maintain in the images you post.

A recent survey suggests that more than 65% of the online buyers consider the quality of the images as an important factor.  The quality of images impacts their decision to buy a product or not. The same report suggests that only the 20% of customers consider the customer reviews as a deciding factor.

This implies that businesses need to realize the importance of clients’ preferences. If you are using an image of your product or service in the Google images, it should be of very high-quality. It not only boosts the visual appeal of your product or service but also amplifies the trust and appeal in your business from your customers.

Apart from the quality of the images, the overall designing and presentation of content are also important. More than half of the visitors consider the design quality of the business website as the token of authenticity and genuineness.

Moreover, it is a fact that more and more visitors are now only relying on the online listings. They don’t prefer visiting the business sites and consider the information present on the listing sites as enough. So, it is important for the businesses to realize that the quality standards that they maintain on the listing sites play major roles in the conversion of the clients. In this context, the images used on the listing sites are very important.

6- Optimization of the Google Images

It is very important to ensure that the images that you use are compatible with all the browsers, devices, operating systems, and platforms.  Regardless of the high quality of the image, if it doesn’t fit with the varying sizes of the screens of the audience, it will not do the job right. Ignoring this would result in the random and uneven placement of the images. This means that the content will no more be visually appealing to the audience which is the last thing you want to happen with your business.

A good tip is to place the image in the center and also preplanning for the automated cropping by the platforms for thumbnails.

7- Avoid Hugely Popular Stock Images

Stock images are free, and they also come from a professional and processes them beautifully. However, you should look for the number of people who use a certain image. Many a times, the stock images are easily recognizable because of the extensive use on multiple platforms. And you don’t want to represent your business on Google images through a common stock image. An image that has been used by tons of other businesses as well.

The wise selection of stock photos is necessary to retain your online reputation; especially in the niche markets. The images that you choose should be realistic, of high quality, and not very popular among the local businesses.

8- Non- Google Listings Are Also Very Important

As a growing businessman, you should not ignore the importance of all forms of listings that represent your businesses online. So, you should not only focus on the Google listings. The listings sites such as Yellow Pages, Open Table, Avvo, and others, provide you with accounts to manage your online presence.  Again, as a growing business, if you want to remain in the competition, you should leverage these platforms and present yourself in the best way possible and not only spend your time and resources on the Google images.

Final Verdict

To conclude the (rather extensive) discussion, Google Images can play a pivotal role in boosting your online reputation. This works very well, especially in the local niche markets. Many businesses fail to realize the importance of the images and pay a huge price for it over time. If you are a small to medium-sized businessman, be informed that your images that ultimately appear on the Google images are what will distinguish you from the competition.  If you comply with the tips given above, you will surely reap the benefits.

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