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Never run out of storage again with the free Google Photos app

Learn how to get set up with Google Photos so you can easily store, backup, and sync all of your digital photos and videos to one online location. Once there, your photos and videos are searchable by you, shareable, and you can create several different photo projects very easily right there in Google Photos.

Google Photos – Revolutionizing Auto Image Adjustment

Google has cornered the market on everything that is digital, including the photo editing arena with the help of its Google Photos app. Google is taking appropriate risks and adding features to the app to make it the best in the market. Some features are bold and obvious, others are more covert, the latest being the latter.

Google Photos Update

Many users that have the app installed on their phones won’t even notice this latest update to the Google photos. Only the most enthusiastic of the bunch and avid photo takers and editors will find that their photos are looking slightly different. This is because Google has introduced a new feature in the latest update to the app. Google’s auto image adjustment in the form of the auto white balance is now part of Google photos.

This update has gone unnoticeable for the most part, but it is an integral one. When the white balance is off, your picture’s hue or tint is always off. As with every Google product, the AI is spot on, you can conduct your own tests by taking photos in different lighting. The auto white balance will correct the picture, just with a click of the ‘Auto’ button.

More to Come

Mobile photo aficionados can rejoice because Google is planning many more updates for Google photos. One of the most intriguing updates that users are awaiting is the archiving feature. It is expected to work along the same lines as Gmail’s archiving. Your pictures will be removed from the library but they will be kept around for later.

There is no timeline on when the feature will be introduced in the app, but it is expected that it will be done soon. Sources say that Google is working out the kinks and might roll out the update in the next major version of the app. The auto white balance feature is currently working on the Google Photos site and will be available for Android users within this week. iOS users shouldn’t fret, the Google photos update for iOS is also coming along soon.

Future Plans

It would seem that Google is trying to build up its app to be the best in the market, and they are using the innovative AI to do it. Soon the app will be able to adjust every part of the image and deliver vibrant images as a result.

With this smart and subtle update, Google doesn’t have to do much the rest of the year. They have delivered a quite but smartest update to the app. Their app has taken the lead in the industry and there isn’t another app that offers the same type of features in the market. But Google has to maintain its high standards, which it has built for itself. It needs to keep on throwing out updates that will be hugely beneficial for smartphone photographers everywhere. Google photos is making it easier to capture photos in high details and keep track of every moment.

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