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How to control your Google privacy with Google privacy checkup

Google has always been very careful to help maintain the privacy of its users by implementing all sorts of methods that allow for the best possible results. Reading up on the Google privacy policy is always a good idea, but we are going to make sure you can learn to control your Google privacy with the privacy checkup feature.

Keep in mind that even when you tweak your privacy settings and you browse the internet with all possible security measures, there will always be a way for you to be traced and your activity to be recorded, so the important thing to keep in mind is that you are able to keep things under control to the extent that is possible.

The point is that going online means being detected and monitored and this is a good thing. Imagine how dangerous the web would be if anonymity remained a part of the process. Never forget that people with bad intentions are also out there and they are trying to take advantage of that anonymity.

Security should always be a priority for anyone who goes online and does any kind of transaction that involves personal and delicate information as well as money transfers. Staying protected is essential and that is why you should always learn all about privacy settings and what they accomplish.

Getting started

The first thing to do is go to your account page and you will be able to change any required setting there. The account dashboard gives you a very detailed set of options and you could start with your account permissions. This means that you are going to allow certain features to be accessible through that account, so anything you are no longer using should be discarded for now.

Now you can check your 2-step verifications and use settings that allow you to have an extra layer of security when you login or when you need to retrieve a password. This is very important as it allows you to secure your account efficiently. There is definitely nothing as important as keeping your passwords safe and you should consider the verifications process and the constant password change warnings to be a blessing and a great feature. It might not seem that way, but if you knew how vulnerable your data is, you would think twice about neglecting this feature.

The Google Privacy checkup

Once you have done those preliminary tweaks, you can get started with the privacy checkup system. Many of the features that you will see are directly linked to your Google plus account, so just keep that in mind when you get those changes done. The first thing is to check on the photos and videos boxes to avoid being features publicly unless that is what you want, but the best way to handle this is to keep it private and only share the things that you want. Make sure that you also check the shared endorsements box in order to avoid having your name show up in ads.

The Ad settings

This is a very specific feature that Google has been using for a while and turning it off is not going to keep ads from appearing, so the best way to handle this is to leave interests on because this is going to allow Google to display ads on things that the system finds relevant to you based on your searches. You would need a third party ad blocker software solution to stop seeing those ads entirely. Being targeted for specific ads can be a time saber and it’s great for people who like to be able to have new offers on things they might be interested in purchasing.

Your account history options

Keeping in mind that Google is tracking most of your online activities, you need to make sure that your options are tweaked to share information about your browsing habits. You can tweak your search options, but if you really want to keep your search from being seen, you can always use your preferred browser’s privacy mode. This allows you to surf the internet without any of your searches being recorded.

Google privacy has always been a major concern for the company and they continue to tweak it in ways that provide advantages to those who are using the extremely resourceful accounts that allow access to such a large number of features. It’s essential for Google to continue to work to the user’s best interest when it comes to privacy features as this gives the internet audience peace of mind and it makes them feel comfortable about the kind of results they get from using this platform.

Deleting your Google account

Some people might decide to go to the extreme and they will usually consider the idea of deleting their accounts in order to avoid any privacy breaches, but the truth is that having a Google account is essential today as there are too many features and websites that require the use of a Google account. Just keep the tips that we have given you in mind and you will be able to control the privacy aspect of the account to a good extent.

Final thoughts

Google will continue to be one of the most powerful companies online for a while. They have proven that they can evolve in ways that are found useful and practical to internet users and this is one of the main reason why they are the number one choice for many users. The security tweaks and the optional tracking for several features is definitely a welcome addition that should continue to be upgraded.

It’s also important to remember that a large number of tools pages and networks are only available with full features once you get a Google account, so learning how to use those accounts and how to tweak them for your privacy needs is going to be very important.

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