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How To Use Google Keep: A place for lists, ideas or notes….

I always say Google is the best company in the world and most people try to shoot down my points every time but I understand them. The greatness of Google won’t be diminished by the opinions of a few people, it isn’t possible. If you a regular Google user, then your options are often limited to Gmail, Google Docs and Android. But to be honest, Google’s Empire goes well beyond those three products. Here are 8 other cool Google Products I bet you never knew.

1. Google Code Search

This is one cool Google product that has a global reputation and respected by Programmers from all over the world. I won’t blame you if you didn’t know about it because from my basic assumption, over six billion other people don’t. I found about it when doing my research. Thumps up to my curiosity, right? The products helps you find and easily browse the innards of open source projects. It contains various operators that make it easy for you to search for an easily locate such projects.

2. Google Base

If you look up for this Google Product via the search engine, you will likely be disappointed as it was decommissioned and renamed, Google Merchant Centre. The purpose of Google Base was to help you easily access and find recipes, classified ads, rental listings and other stuff. Google base was Google’s creative and innovative way of helping you find data online without having to go through a website in doing so.

3. Google Trends


This is a popular feature among a lot of Marketers and it’s still relevant even today. I even use it when doing my blog research to make sure I always put content that is interesting enough and relevant to my readers. As you all know, Google owns the world’s largest search engine used by over 4 Billion people and controlling over 90% of the world’s search engine market. This means, it can and collect data regarding what’s getting people’s attention and display it so that everyone can access it and that is the ultimate purpose of Google Trends. If you want to know what people are searching for and where the attention is, you can visit and check it out. If you were looking for more analytics and research focused Google Products, then this is another tool to consider.

4. Google Alerts

Sometimes you need to keep tabs on yourself. Don’t ask me why, you have to try it because it pays off. If you are looking for a perfect tool to help you achieve that, then you should check out Google Alerts. Google alerts notifies you whenever someone makes a query that pops up your name in the SERP page. Oh, if you are not familiar with the term SERP, it’s an acronym for search engine results page, that Page where all search results are listed when you make a search query on a search engine. Again, Google Alerts is an amazing Google Product that is underutilized.

Google Products

5. Google Book Search


To be honest, I found out about this one now. I even had to pause on the article for just to check it out and I guess it’s a decent Google product that like many others in this list, is underutilized. As the name says, Google Book Search is a Search Engine dedicated to help you find good reads either for fun or personal development. Apart from that, a game changing feature of Google Book Search is that it allows you to keep and maintain a virtual library you can add reads to. Besides Google Book search, there is a search engine for scholars that give you access to research papers and such. You can access that by typing out Another useful of Google Products.

6. Google Page Creator

Who said you needed coding skills to get a webpage creator. I know a friend who is a ‘Web Developer’ and abuse this tool. Wait, I have to clarify the Web Developer part because you might ask why I put the whole term in quotes. To be honest, my friend in gifted and talented, something I respect, I wanted to make things more interesting. If you aren’t a Web Developer but want to create your own page in a matter of minutes, you can use Google Page Creator to get access to a cool What You Say Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor that gives you the ability to create a stunning web page in a matter of minutes. The page creator is also known as Google Sites.

7. Google Notebook

On an unrelated note, do you know what I love the most about Google? Most of their products are free and it’s always amazing. The Google Notebook is an amazing Google Products that allows you to store your notes hassle free in the Cloud. Yes, the platform is vintage and was disintegrated back in 2012. Most of the features were in Google Notebook can be accessed via Google Keep, a classic Google Notepad that enables you to store your thoughts and notes. A Google Product worth checking out.

8. The Flight Simulator in Google Earth

Yes, this is something I know you weren’t aware of it’s there. You can fly virtually via Google Earth. If you were looking for something cool and amazing, this is it. If you want to check it out, this is how you can access it. Start by downloading Google Earth and press Ctrl + Alt + A to enter flight simulation mode. As if that’s not enough, you can even choose your plane and an airport to take off from.

I tried to be thorough in doing my research but to err is human. I might have left other amazing and awesome Google Products. If I did, please, kindly share them in the comments and I might consider adding them to this article. We want this list to be as comprehensive as possible. Lastly, if you aren’t yet using Gmail, you are really letting yourself down, switch right now.



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