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How To Use Android’s built-in Fingerprint Sensor

nstead of remembering complex passwords for your online accounts, you can now actually use your Android’s built-in fingerprint sensor.

How To Protect Your Passwords Using Google Chrome Password Checkup

Google wants to make web browsing a little more secure.

With data breaches and hacks becoming seemingly more common, Google announced a new feature Tuesday that will protect a user’s data—beyond just Google’s own sites and apps.

The update is an extension for Chrome called Password Checkup, which will help protect a user’s accounts from third party data breaches. The extension will detect compromised credentials and trigger an automatic warning that will suggest that a user change their password.

The updated chrome extension will be available in the chrome store in the next few weeks.

How to Make Google Search Engine Your Default In All Browsers

Of all search engines, Google Search Engine is the most preferred choice of computer users in the world. If you want to use Google Search Engine to perform your searches, it is easy to make Google default search engine. How? The process differs based on the browser you use. In this article, you can learn how to change your default search engine for different web browsers. First, here’s a quick overview of what search engine is.

What is a Search Engine?

Search engines are like a program that allows you to search the Internet or the World Wide Web using content matching questions, keywords and queries a user enters. Using keywords or queries, the search engine will through the Internet finding any content that match the queries. Google is a search engine and is the most popular one. Other most popular search engines include Yahoo and Bing with millions of computer users using them.

What about Google Chrome? That is – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox are not search engines but web browsers. Web browsers make use of search engines in order to search the World Wide Web and bring you search results. Basically, the browsers are the interface that connects you to the Internet and the search engine is what searches through it for the content you are looking for.

Steps to Making Google Search Engine default in your web browser

Make Google search engine default to make sure that your search results all come from Google. If your computer has Firefox or Google Chrome web browser, it may already be set to Google as the default search engine. If it is switched to another search engine, whether because of a malware or a change brought on an update in your computer, here are simple steps on changing your default search engine to Google.

Google Chrome

  1. First, click the Chrome Menu button shaped like this ☰ located at the upper right corner of the window. After clicking, select “Settings.”By clicking it, a new tab will open which will let you adjust Google Chrome’s settings.
  2. Next, find the “Search” option in the settings. This is typically in the fourth section of the settings.
  3. Once you found the “Search” section, click so the drop down menu opens then select “Google.”With this, your default search engine will be changed to Google.

In case you don’t see Google as one of the options in the “Search” section, you click the “Manage search engines” section to add it back as it is possible that it has been deleted from the list of search engines. If you scroll till the bottom of the list, you will see a box that lets you add a new search engine.

Google Chrome Mobile

  1. To change your mobile’s search engine, open Google Chrome first.
  2. At the page’s top right corner, click the ‘More’ icon and choose “Settings.”
  3. At the “Basics” section, tap “Search Engine” then select “Google.”


  1. Open Firefox and click the Firefox Menu button and then choose “Options.” With this, a new tab that lets you adjust Firefox’s settings to your preference will open.
  2. Next, click the “Search” which you’ll find in the left menu. By clicking “Search”, you will be able to set the search settings to make Google your default search engine.
  3. When the “Search” tab opens, click the “Default Search Engine.” Select “Google” so that the default search engine in the Firefox start page, address bar and search bar changes to Google.

Internet Explorer 11

  1. To change the default search engine of Internet Explorer 11, open first the Internet Explorer. Located near the search box at the top right corner, click the button shaped liked this ▼.
  2. Click Add then select “Google Search” then click Add again.
  3. At the top right corner, click the “Settings” option.
  4. From there, click “Manage Add-ons” then click “Search Providers.”
  5. From the list, choose “Google” which then will make it your default search provider.

Microsoft Edge

  1. For Microsoft Edge, click the Edge Menu button then choose “Settings.” With this, the Settings sidebar will open.
  2. Next, scroll down the Settings to find and choose the “View Advanced Settings.”
  3. Once the advanced settings opened, proceed to clicking the “Search in Browser Bar with’ menu. The default is likely Bing ( Click “Add new” which will open a list of the available search engines.
  4. From the list of search engines, choose “Google Search.” However, if Google is not available in the list, go visit in Edge browser. When you return to the menu, Google should after you have visited it. Click it and your default search engine will be Google.


  1. First, open Safari then click the search bar.
  2. You can see at the upper left corner by the search bar an icon of magnifying glass. Click it.
  3. Then select Google to change Safari’s default search engine.

Android Browser

  1. For Android browser, you can change the default search engine but first, open your browser app.
  2. Then, tap your phone’s Menu button. Usually, it is located at the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Next, select “Settings” then “Advanced” then “Set Search Engine.”
  4. Lastly, choose “Google” then your default search engine will be changed to Google.

So these are the steps on how you can change the default search engine of your computer, whether your web browser is Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Safari. Changing the default search engine of your computer is pretty easy although with the different versions of Internet Explorer you might get a little confused.

Still, the steps are pretty straightforward so a little exploring will surely get you back in track of setting your default search engine to Google. The next time you open your browser, Google will be your search engine. This way, your search results are sure to be from Google.

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