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This week’s Google Updates – Please Read

This week’s Google Updates begins with the sobering indication of the power Google has on its users. Project Fi users in the United States were offered a deal on the new Pixel telephone. Actually up to five telephones. The one thing, though: they were not permitted to resell them. Except around 200 individuals did. They have been caught and Google has removed access to their accounts for the breach. Let us take a step back. That is possibly no access your photographs, to your e-mails, your documents, your music, your programs, your e books. The list goes on.

Naturally, technically they did a terrible thing, but who’d have believed Google would take this type of hard-line? Moral of the story is, back up to the cloud, then back up the backup locally. Or simply do not sell telephones you had been specifically told not to sell.

This week elsewhere at Google, the universal sign-in system based around Google++ is eventually being put to pasture. It will be replaced in favor of one which is only based around Google branding. The Signal in with G+ choice is an odd hangover from the time when Google believed that Facebook could be beaten by Google+.

It could not.

More…Weekly Google Updates

Google Play Music had a significant renovation this week. It is long overdue and now seems more in line with the fashion of its competitors, albeit with that Google flare that is classic. It is already on the internet variation, and the program that is new is rolling out. The money-making successor to RSS established Google Reader, Google Play Newsstand, continues to be given the same treatment.  And today contains ideas of posts based on your interests as well as only blithely revealing you the resources to which you have subscribed.

Another Google service adding artificial intellect is Google Translate, which now uses enhanced machine brains to interpret into more natural types of language. This should mean that you’re not as likely to have awkward conversations that wind up requesting: I want to know where I will be of evacuating my bowels letterbox. Obviously it is a catastrophe for lovers of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Eventually this week, Google RAISR is a fresh picture improvement tool which uses machine learning to create sharp pictures that are sharp where blurry low res ones have been before. RAISR stands for fast and precise picture super resolution and, although it is still at the laboratory period, the results look promising, meaning you hit the shutter there might be hope if you were a dufus at the critical moment.

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