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Hiver – A Gmail Based CRM Provider Adds Email Analytics

Hiver is a CRM solution that is based in Gmail. CRM is of course ‘customer relationship management’ and that in turn is basically the same thing as a contact management system but with a little extra qualitative data to help you keep tabs on your relationship with specific clients and customers so that you can better impress them by asking about their recent holiday or by knowing when best to try and push for a sale.

Now Hiver has introduced a new and very powerful feature that might just be a game changer for businesses using Gmail. That is: email engagement tracking. Read on to learn what this means for your business and how it works.

What is Email Tracking?

Hiver Email tracking

Email tracking basically means that you can keep tabs on emails you send long after they’ve left your outbox. In turn, this means you can check in on them to see how many have been opened, how much they have been read and how many people have clicked links etc.

This is something that many of us are used to when using ‘autoresponders’. Autoresponders are tools used by internet marketers to collect and manage large email lists and then to send out emails as a part of campaigns. These almost always come with tracking features so that marketers can see which subject headings lead to their emails getting opened the most and so that they can find out whether their efforts are paying off.

Hiver now brings this feature to CRM and your Gmail account, meaning that you can now see how your clients and customers are interacting with your emails.

What is Hiver?

Hiver also has a number of other powerful tools that can help to transform your Gmail experience and ensure you get the most out of your marketing.

For example, Hiver features task delegation and shared contacts. This way, you can share an inbox with colleagues and then set each other tasks regarding who should answer which message. Other options include the ability to schedule emails for later (another option that is familiar with autoresponder users) and to ‘snooze’ certain tasks.

For anyone who is used to responding to emails as part of a large team, the advantages of these kinds of options should be obvious.

Of course there are other options available for people looking to get more from their Gmail account or to use it as part of their business. One of the great things about GoogleMail is its versatility – which is partly possible thanks to apps and plugins like this. Another great example of a powerful plugin for Gmail is ‘Rapportive’. This one allows you to see the LinkedIn profiles of anyone who messages you on Gmail. In turn, that allows you to then add them to your connections and thereby market to them in other ways. It also means you get a ‘background check’ of people who contact you out of the blue.

But tracking and analytics is definitely one of the most powerful features to bring to Gmail and CRM and very worth checking out.


There are many more plugins and features for Gmail, so if you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it, then spend some time exploring them and seeing what they each do. For businesses, these apps and features can make a huge difference to your workflow and really improve your marketing campaigns and correspondence.

Hiver is a great place to start and with analytics now added into the mix, it just got a lot more impressive!

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