Smart Compose may be offending users by predicting the wrong gendered pronoun – either Him or Her. So Google has removed from its algorithm from these pronouns like “him” and “her”.

Google engineers tried several workarounds to keep gendered pronoun suggestions, but none of them was bias-free, so they decided to ban gendered pronouns.

Gmail smart compose is a worthy update from google, We will explain how the Gmail smart compose truly saves time and improves grammar. Google is a renowned name in the world of technology, since there establishment in 1998, they have driven the industry with a lot of innovations.

In April 2018, Google revealed the new look that Gmail will be having. They unveiled some fresh features with it. The features include a new tool that enables you to send self-destructing messages, a new offline mode, smart replies and finally the New Gmail smart compose feature.

The Gmail smart compose feature was announced at the Google I/O a few weeks ago. This is a landmark feature among the Gmail features that were unveiled. It is better than the auto-complete that we already know.

What is Gmail Smart Compose?

Gmail smart compose uses A/I to guess what you want to type before you type it.

It is able to achieve this by using information from the recipient. It also uses the subject of the email and typing habits. So if for example, the subject of your email as a civil engineer is “Beam detailing”. Gmail smart compose will take into consideration the subject of the email,  choice of words over a long time. With them it will suggest the kind of things people write when talking about beam detailing.

How Gmail Smart Compose Works

Much like the autocomplete feature found in smartphone’s keyboard; this feature just does not just predict the next two words, but literally predicts the whole email.

It simply appears and works intelligently as you compose an email in your browser. Starting from the greetings, to the opening pleasantries, down to the closing of the email.

The Gmail smart compose feature suggests complete sentences in your emails. With it you can write your email with ease and also save as much time as possible.

Paul Lambert, product manager for Google said “Smart Compose helps save you time by cutting back on repetitive writing, while reducing the chance of spelling and grammatical errors. It can even suggest relevant contextual phrases.”

The feature recognizes conventional contexts like days of the week, times, places, dates and other information. It achieves this by performing a real-time background scanning.

Google also gave few examples such as ending emails with “have a great weekend!” if it was being sent on a Friday. Knowing that when you’re sending an email to a named person, the email usually starts with “Hey (inserts the person’s name).

Here’s how to turn on Gmail Smart Compose:

• To turn on and enjoy this new feature. Turn on the new Gmail experience from the settings icon at the right top corner of the screen. For now, this is not a permanent change, you can always go back to the classic look anytime you wish to.

• After activating the new Gmail experience, you will be welcomed by a cute short greeting. This is what tells you that you have successfully activated the new Gmail design. From here click the gear icon on the top right corner of the Screen.

• When you have done that, a menu tray comes out, locate SETTINGS and click on it

• At this point, the settings screen opens, stay on the general TAB of the settings screen and find an option tagged “Enable experimental access”. When you find this option please go ahead and turn it on.  As it is turned on, Gmail automatically refreshes, this shows that you have successfully enabled the feature.

• After this is done, it means that your Gmail is open to a world of experiments. Go back to the settings screen from the gear icon in the top right corner of the Gmail window, find the option called “Smart Compose.”

When you find it, check and turn on if it is off the “writing suggestion” option. Once this is done, you are good to go.

How to use it, and what it’s like to use:

After activating the Gmail smart compose feature, Now let’s have a spin and feel the real experience. Try writing a new email by clicking on the compose icon. Input an email address and chose a subject. To make use of the autocomplete. Press the tab button on the keyboard and autocomplete suggestions will start working while you type your email. it is as simple as that.

The good thing about this feature is that it gets better as you continue using it. So many users have gotten the Gmail smart compose to autocomplete very long phrases in their subsequent use of the feature.

Gmail smart compose works faster and better for people trying to schedule a meeting, writing some appreciation messages. the Gmail smart compose is still in the experimental stage. It is very possible that Google will tweak the feature in the future so that it will be more responsive in its suggestions.


This is an amazing feature as it will help people who their main job is to type and send emails on a daily basis. These people end up repeating the same format every day. The repetition alone is capable of increasing the time spent on each email. But with the Gmail smart compose, it is a forgotten experience. It is still in the experimental stage and yet it is very awesome.

Users often see email as a “repetitive” waste of time. Not just writing certain parts of them, anything that can alleviate the burden of having to type out hundreds of the things a day will likely be welcome.

The “experimental” feature can be switched on as part of the new Gmail experience currently rolling out and will make its way to Google’s commercial G Suite at some point in the near future.
With autocomplete slowly taking over the typing duties, soon it might just be robots talking to robots.

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