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How the Google Inbox Snooze Feature Works

Your inbox can get crowded. Mails from coworkers, friends and family may be cluttering up your inbox not allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. If you let these emails stay unread, you’ll often forget to go back to them, and they will remain in your inbox for weeks before you realize it.

Google Inbox created a revolutionary way to get rid of these emails temporarily.

Snooze is a new feature of Inbox that works to get emails and reminders out of your way until a later date or time.

How Snooze Works

Snooze is simple. When you have an email or emails that you would like to read later, you can choose to snooze them. This is done quickly and easily (we’ll show you how in the next section), but what’s really powerful about this feature is that snoozed items go right back to the top of your Inbox.

By going back to the top of your inbox, the message or notification will look new and snag the reader’s attention yet again.

If you still don’t want to view the item, you can choose to snooze it again if you wish.

Snoozing Emails and Reminders

To get started, you need to be using Google Inbox, not regular Gmail. If you have Inbox, you can proceed with snooze.

Snooze on PC

Google Snooze

  1. Open an email or notification that you want to snooze.
  2. Locate the Snooze at the top of the email (it looks like a clock).
  3. Choose the snooze option that works best for you.

Snooze on Mobile

Google Inbox Snooze

  1. Locate the desired email or notification to snooze.
  2. Swipe left.
  3. Locate the “clock” item to snooze the item.

When you click snooze, you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from. These options allow you to choose the duration of the snooze. You’ll be able to choose the following options:

  • Suggested Time: An automatically-determined time based on email information. For example, if an email mentions a date or time for a meeting, the message may be snoozed to that morning.
  • Specific Time: A time chosen by the user. This is the most accurate snooze option.
  • Someday: These are messages you may want to see in the future, and they will go into your Snoozed email category. These items will never move from this category unless you do so manually.
  • Arrival: A neat feature that requires location tracking. You can choose to snooze items until you reach a specific destination. This is a great way to have a trip’s itinerary shown on the first page of your email, or important notes about an upcoming meeting.

You’ll also be able to set a reminder to a specific email. This can be anything you wish and acts as a note. For example, you can add a note to a client’s email that will remind you when their work is due. Repeating reminders can also be created.

Default snooze times can be created that will allow you to set “later today” or “next week” as a standard snooze time, amongst many other options.

You can also view any item that you snoozed right from the main menu. It’s a fast and easy way to de-clutter your email and make email a little more streamlined.

Benefits of Snooze

It’s easy to see the benefits of snooze whether you use Inbox for personal or business mail. With snooze, you can:

  • Manage email quickly.
  • Set emails to “refresh” when you reach a certain location.
  • Attach notes to emails to summarize important information.
  • Set repeat reminders, so you never forget important dates or times.

Snooze acts as an extension to email that is perfect for the busy user who really wants to read an email and wishes there was a way to schedule the email’s return in the future.

*Featured Image – Credit Google

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