how to block someone in Gmail

There are times when you to put a stop to incoming emails from a particular person or an entity. If a person is repeatedly sending useless emails, or a marketing agency is sending irrelevant marketing material, you need to find a way out. And the best way out is blocking the sender.  Today, we will guide you on how to block someone in Gmail.

Gmail has a built-in feature that allows us to block emails from a particular sender.  Moreover, the settings are easy and any user with basic knowledge of using Gmail can customize these settings.

How to block someone in Gmail?

Let’s get straight to the point then; how to block someone in Gmail:

To start the process, you will need to log into your web Gmail account. The web Gmail account is the same for Desktops, laptops, Macs, Chromebooks, and any other device from which the web Gmail is accessed.

After logging into your Gmail account, click on the email from the sender who you want to block.

When the message opens, you will see three vertical dots on the top-right side of the message.  Click on the dots and a select block option from the menu. This will be the last email from the sender to you.

Note the by blocking a sender, you are not restricting the sender from sending the emails to you. He can send as many emails as he wishes to, just that you won’t receive them as they will be directed to the spam folder.

How to block promotions and marketing emails in Gmail?

how to block someone in Gmail

If you are sick of repeated marketing emails, you can always block the senders. But this might hurt you because there is always a reason why you subscribe to something in the first place. Therefore, the marketing emails can be dealt with in a slightly different way.

Open an email from the marketer that you are fed up.  You should see something such as ‘Change Preferences’ or ‘Unsubscribe’ written right after the sender’s address.  When you click on these, you will be unsubscribed from their emails. Now what will happen is, you won’t receive the regular emails that fill your inbox like crazy. However, the emails won’t be blocked altogether. So whenever a big deal comes, you will receive an email in your inbox.

Again, if you feel like the emails are not stopping despite unsubscribing or changing the preferences, you can always use the block method to send the emails to the Spam folder. But if you miss a great deal, that’s on you.


So this is it. We told you how to block someone in Gmail.  As you would have noticed, we talked about blocking someone in the desktop version only. In an upcoming post, we will talk about how to block someone in Gmail iOS and Gmail Android. Stay tuned and feel free to share your issues related to Gmail or any other email service.

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