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How To Check If Android Phones Hacked

Cybersecurity specialists are warning that more than One Million android phones have been infected by a fresh form of malicious software known as Gooligan world-wide. It is spreading at the speed of 13,000 apparatus a day.

The malware has the power to change Google Pictures Gmail, Google Drive and associated services. Chief consumer protection for the Santa Clara firm Intel Security, Gary Davis, discussed the issue.  Check Point created a malware infection search to check if your android phone is has been infected. By typing your Google address into the Gooligan Checker, you can find out if you’ve been hacked.

How To Check If Android Phones Hacked?

The highest risk end users own the Android Phones running Android 4 and 5 — that includes Android Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop.

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How can the Gooligan application get into Android Phones, and what does it do once it is inside?

Gooligan is being spread in a number of ways.  First, by individuals visiting an infected web site on their Android Phones. We’re using our mobile phones increasingly to browse the Web. The bad guys are making use of your browsing behavior to infect your android phone and know this. We’ve also seen it being spread in 3rd party application stores. Gooligan takes complete control and can get anything on your apparatus once your phone is infected.

Is this likely to turn into an important issue in the USA?

To date, Asia has been hit by Gooligan hardest.  It’s extremely likely that we are going to see this become a problem in the Usa. We frequently see poor actors hone their malware and submission Methods for emerging markets like Asia before targeting markets that are more mature.

We may also see them change the way in which the malware is spread by doing things like sending e-mails with malicious links.

Will there be a simple method for Android users to ascertain whether Gooligan has attacked their mobiles?

Several sellers have a totally free tool at which you can put in your e-mail to see whether it is often affected.

You also ought to download an antivirus program on your Android apparatus such as McaFee Anti-virus or Kaspersky. It’s going to help drive back malware infections, along with some other risks to your Android apparatus.

What must individuals do if their phone was infected?

The safest thing if your smartphone is contaminated to do a factory reset and is delete everything on the apparatus. Make sure all of your information is backed up before doing this. An excellent little bit of advice for everybody is to frequently back up all of your apparatus. This can help you get a brand new start should something go bad.

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