Gmail has really been a delight to use since the beginning – and I have always looked forward to learning new ways to  check my gmail, whether its from my phone, a tablet or desktop. We all remember the initial lure that made us come to Gmail. Google promised everyone 1gb of storage space for free in a time when it was normal for email accounts to have 2mb inboxes. Even paid email services usually gave you around 20 or 50mb of storage. People went crazy over it – there were news articles everywhere, and much more.

However, if you were to ask us now why we love Gmail so much, storage wouldn’t be our top answer. That’s not just because many other email providers have stepped up and started giving comparable free storage space. No, this is a testament to how well-made Gmail is. Sometimes when I check my Gmail I find a feature that just ends up flooring me. It is truly one of the most consumer friendly free emails out there, if not the most consumer friendly. Instead of simplifying things so much that it is limiting, Gmail hides the complicated stuff so people don’t get confused.

Check my Gmail

Check my Gmail

Gmail gives you the freedom, and one of the freedoms it gives you is that you can check it in many ways. You don’t have to go to or install the official Gmail app if you want to access your email account. Instead, you can do it in a manner that is most convenient for you. If you use Gmail a lot and are one of those professionals who live on email then you need to know these ways.

Use Gmail Offline

There’s a reason that many people still like using the Outlook application to check their email. It downloads all messages and then you can read the messages whenever you want – without needing to get online. This is a big problem for people who travel a lot. If you are the type of person who travels for business a lot or are in a city where network coverage isn’t good enough, you can understand what the problem is. You are sitting in a bus or an airplane with nothing to do and with no internet. It is the perfect time to catch up on all the emails you received but you cannot open on your computer.

Well, there is a solution for you that will help you stay connected. Whenever I am traveling, I use Gmail Offline to check my Gmail on the go. Gmail Offline is an extension for Google Chrome. Once you install it the extension acts like Outlook but for your Gmail. It starts downloading all new emails when you have access to internet. Since all of the emails are downloaded you can easily read up on them whenever you want without needing to go online. Gmail Offline is very easy to install and even easier to use. Simply go to the Chrome store and you will find Gmail offline. Just install it and enable it.

Use Outlook for Gmail

This one sound very strange to most of us. That is because most of us went running away from Outlook to Gmail, happy with all the extra features. Why would anyone want to go back to using Outlook then? The answer is very simple – there are people who have been using Outlook for decades at this point. You may think Outlook is inconvenient, but for someone who has been using it since the 90s there’s nothing inconvenient about it. They know how to use Outlook better than most of us and they want to keep using it.

This is one of the things I love. I can check my Gmail through Outlook. It may be an ‘inferior’ way of checking Gmail to some but Google still gives us the option. That’s one of the most important things for us when it comes to using services. We want to have as much freedom as possible with our products and services.

Setting up Gmail on Outlook is surprisingly easy thanks to how easy Google has made the whole process. The first things you need are the server details of Gmail. You can easily get these from your Gmail settings. Open up Gmail’s settings and go to Forwarding and Imap/Pop3. Here you will see the option to enable IMAP. The last option you see is configuration settings. This is what we need. This tells you what server your Outlook client needs to connect to in order to fetch your email. Here are the settings you will need:

We will still recommend going through settings and opening the link from there. You never know when they may change this information so get it straight from their website.

Once you have these things the rest is easy to do. If you are doing this in an office you may need the assistance from IT staff. Many companies have IT policies which won’t allow you to change these settings. If you can do this yourself then simply open Account Settings in the Outlook options. There will be an option to add an account, select that. Once you select that option you will be asked to enter details of the account that you want to add. This is where you enter the above information. Outlook will run a few tests to ensure that you can connect to Gmail properly. Once it is done it will start downloading your emails and you can use a Gmail address with Outlook.

There are many advantages to making this move. One is that your emails are downloaded into your computer and are yours forever. You can never be locked out of those emails because they are in your inbox already. Another major advantage is that this allows you to access the emails offline whenever you want. If you like to unwind on the ride back home by reading your email, you know how important this is. I’ve found Outlook to be a good way to check my Gmail account and you may feel the same way.

Another great tool is the Outlook app on Android. Outlook has quietly been one of the best email apps on Android. You get gestures, priority inboxes, and much more. It is better than the default Gmail Android app, and at the same level as Inbox by Google. If you don’t like Gmail’s app then we highly recommend installing Outlook on your phone and using it to check Gmail. We know it sounds very strange but trust us, you may never want to go back to the Gmail app again. It is just that good.

Android Wear

You may think that receiving emails on your phone is convenient but that’s because you haven’t tried Android wear yet. Android wear is one of the best ways around of staying on top of your email if you use email a lot. I check my Gmail through my watch all the time and it is a gamechanger.

The biggest thing that the watch does for you is that it changes the way you interact with technology. If you want to check email on your phone you have to take your phone out of your pocket or purse. This means that we often end up ignoring notifications. This is especially true when we are in a social or professional situation. No one wants to be the person at the meeting that is on their phone. You also don’t want to bring out your phone and check your email on a data or a family gathering.

This is the biggest change I have noticed ever since I got an Android wear watch. Just look at how different the social situation becomes when you have a smart watch. Normally if you get an email you get a notification on your phone. You then pick your phone up to see the notification. This is disruptive in social and professional situations. If someone is talking to you and you suddenly pick your phone up to see the notification they will stop talking. It seems rude to the point where often we just don’t check the notification at all.

The watch solves that problem. Now when I get a notification I don’t have to pick up my phone to check my Gmail account. All that needs to be done is a flick of the wrist. Whenever a notification pops up the screen turns on automatically. All you have to do is look at your watch and you can see the subject of the email. You can then dismiss the notification right from the watch or read the email you want. If you were talking to someone and you checked your watch to see the time they wouldn’t mind. The same applies here. Instead of being disruptive it is a very natural motion. If you are getting emails all the time and you want to stay connected we highly recommend a smart watch.

This is one of the points of focus of these technologies. Some of the brightest minds of our generation are working hard to make technology as seamless as possible. People want disruptive ideas but seamless execution. Thus we are moving towards things that allow us to go on with our lives without interruption.

Smart Home Devices

This is the ultimate way to check my Gmail account. Nothing else makes me feel so much like I am living in the future. This is also the laziest way to check my Gmail account so I definitely love it. You can get a smart home device from Google or from Amazon. Then you simply install an app or configure it up so that it can check your Gmail for you.

The fun has just begun. You can set it up to notify you every time you get an email. You interact with these devices simply by talking to them. This means that your device will tell you that you have an email. Then you simply have to ask it who it’s from and what the subject is. The device will read it out to you. You can even have the device read out your emails for you.

Imagine just laying down on your bed in a comfortable position. You get a notification for an email. Instead of moving a muscle you simply ask your smart home device to read you the email. Once you have heard the whole email you can even dictate the answer. This is the closest we will come to hiring someone to read and write our emails. It is easy to see that this is the next step in technology. First we had computers, then laptops, then we got phones, and now we won’t even need screens. These devices are great for a lot of stuff besides reading your emails too. You can ask them any question and they will answer to the best of their ability. They are also fantastic for playing songs if you set it up with your sound system.

These are just some of the ways you can check your Gmail account that you haven’t thought of. There are many other ways as well. Now even fridges and televisions are smart so there is no dearth of gadgets that are capable of accessing your email inbox. Gmail is easily the best free email service provider and we are happy that it has left access to it so open. So many apps and gadgets can access your email now all thanks to Google. None of this was possible before the advent of Gmail. You had to pay extra to be able to access your inbox through POP3 and it wasn’t cheap either. Gmail came along and started offering everything for free. This resulted in the other email services making it free too. They had to change a lot to compete with Gmail and as a result all email services became better for us users. I’m happy checking my Gmail account however I want, knowing I have the freedom to do so. You have the same freedom thanks to Google.

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