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How to Check Your Gmail Messages Inside Windows 10

Q. Is there a way to get Gmail Messages In Windows 10?

gmail messages

A. If you use Microsoft Windows 10 , here is how to easily sync up Gmail

Setup Windows 10 Mail App. Launch the Mail app and click the gear icon in the lower left corner, and go to Settings > Accounts. Next, you’ll see the email you use for your Microsoft Account to log in – click Add Account

There are several advantages to using your Gmail account from within the Windows 10 mail app. Unlike most other cases where you have to regularly open your PC’s browser to access all your emails through Gmail, it is easier to use the windows 10 mail app to directly access your emails.

Continue reading for the detailed instructions…

Many people agree that Windows 10 is one of the best operating systems in the world. The same can be said about Google’s popular email application, Gmail. Gmail still considered as the best email service providing the highest number of customers with a free qualitative way of distributing emails.

Recent developments in the Microsoft OS have made it very easy to synchronise your entire Google account with the Windows 10 operating system. Even though, you are free to use your Microsoft Outlook email services with this application, you are also provided with the liberty to try out Gmail inside this application. The Microsoft Windows 10 mail app also provides an efficient way to add any email account to it, like Yahoo Mail or the iCloud.

How to get Gmail Messages and Windows 10 to work together?

Here we will outline the most appropriate way of checking Gmail messages by adding your Gmail account to the Windows 10 mail application.

1. To check your Gmail messages first add a personal account to Windows 10 mail app

One of the major prerequisites for being able to access your Gmail messages is the availability of the Windows 10 mail app on your device. There are two very simple ways of getting your personal account embedded into the Windows 10 mail app. One way is to click on the start button existing on the bottom left of your PC screen and then selecting the settings icon from the navigation pane. Once you do this, the settings tab opens exposing several icons like ‘system’, ‘Network and Internet’ and ‘ease of access’. From this, click on the ‘accounts’ icon and select the ‘email and accounts’ from the sidebar.

There is another shortcut to achieve the same, in a simpler way. That involves typing ‘account’ once your navigation pane expands. This will directly take you to the ‘Manage Accounts’ tab after which you have to follow the same steps as directed. Once this is done, you have the liberty to add an account to your device by clicking on the ‘add an account’ tab after which several options for an account appear on the screen. Choose the ‘Google account’ option.

2. Setup your Google account on the device you wish to check Gmail messages

Once you are done with the previous steps, the Windows 10 Mail application opens the usual slot used for the Google account sign in procedure on its default browser. This comes quite as a shock for most people because a fully developed software geek would understand the generosity of Microsoft to use the Google Sign-in interface inside its device.

Once you access the Gmail account information tab, the procedure of the Google account setup will direct you to a confirmation statement suggesting that you want to give Windows 10 and its mail app complete access to your Google account. To go forward with this procedure, click on ‘Allow’. Next, the setup procedure will make sure that the mail app is fully configured to make your Gmail account accessible. This will take several minutes depending upon the speed of your network connection. Once everything concerning the setup of your Google account is completed in your device, an ‘All Done’ message appears on your screen completing that process.

3. How to check your Gmail messages after successful setup

Once you have successfully managed to install your Google account in the Windows 10 Mail application, you will have unlimited access to Gmail messages right inside the Windows 10 mail app. You can easily send and receive email like you usually do in a normal web browser .

4. Make your Gmail a ‘Microsoft Windows Gmail’ to check your Gmail Messages

A click of the start button will direct you to the mail app which will further prompt you to directly access your Gmail messages without relying on your web browser. To use your Gmail account on the mail app, all you have to do is to select the navigation pane in the account listing. Also, clicking on the ‘more’ option will give you direct access to any possible folder you have created in your Gmail account.  When you first click on this button, it will take some time to sync all your contents with the Windows 10 mail app. In case you want to create a new mail to anybody, all you need to do is click on ‘new mail’ as similar to the traditional ‘Compose’ button which is quite popular in Gmail.

5. Change account settings 

One of the settings that you need to change for checking Gmail messages based on your needs might be the ‘change mailbox sync settings’. Click on this tab and it will open a wide array of different specific settings including your need to download new email the backup plan based on a time span to follow. The special mailbox settings also enable you to select if you need any specific urgent notifications to reach you a bit more easily.

This also ensures that you have free access to choose any of your contacts into this list so that it will notify you whenever an email is received by you from this contact. These special features made available by the using of your Gmail account from within the Windows 10 mail application are indeed quite compatible and flexible with your hectic schedules and might further add up as an efficient time saving mechanism to your busy precious life.

Microsoft and Google Future Collaborations

Checking Gmail Messages in Windows 10 is is just one of the few ways in which we will experience the true joy of the collaborative efforts of two great software giants, Microsoft and Google. Even though there are several cases of hostilities between these two great companies and about 20 lawsuits have been reportedly filed by both sides against the other for several reasons, the recent updates clearly indicate a soft warm relationship between the two which might someday result in some immensely sophisticated technology gracing our markets. There are a lot of things we might have to look out for in the coming years if both Google and Microsoft decide to collaborate in their future ventures.

Two of the most extraordinary software companies in this world quite popular ever since they were first created are Microsoft and Google. Both of them have a very interesting history of rivalries and are quite popular for coming up with some of the world’s best encountered technologies. Even though Microsoft was founded in the year 1975, about 41 years ago, and Google only graced us with its presence about 18 years ago in the year 1998, it has caught up with Microsoft to develop into one of the most advanced companies in the world.

Quite similar to the hardware rivalry prominent between the Apple Inc. and Samsung Technologies, it has gained worldwide recognition and many specialists also speculate that some of the best releases by both these companies might be an indirect result of the bloodiest rivalry these two companies have, resulting in the grit to develop a better product than the other. As of now, both these companies are still battling it out, but the best part of technology is when both of them come together to form a beautiful mixture of two great ‘collections of computer code’. The idea about how well Google and Microsoft can perform when collaborated is something worth writing an entire story about.

The importance of Microsoft and Google in the world

While Microsoft has been very successful since the beginning distributing software that usually have to do with devices, Google has been very active over the World Wide Web. But, there have been recent developments in the field of Information Technology and both these companies have conquered what once used to be a dominant domain for the other. Microsoft is now having a lot of success with its wide range of web accessories like Onedrive, Outlook, and Bing while Google is trying its best to capture the market of the Operating System Software by launching several accessories like the Android OS, Chrome OS, and facilities like Google docs, sheets and slides which are now available offline.

Google and Microsoft are now good friends with new goals

There have already been reports of the two companies collaborating with each other for several technology based projects including artificial intelligence which have thereby sparked up the hopes of the technology geeks like it probably did when Batman and Superman teamed up together, to fight an evil monster called ‘Doomsday’. For all we know, in this literal world of technology, skepticism on the need for technology might indeed be our doomsday, something that might only be defeated by the collaborative efforts of our two great heroes. Of course, Google and Microsoft, or maybe even Microsoft and Google!

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