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How To Send Large Data on Gmail?

Google’s Gmail is a versatile mailing service to send your files, messages, photographs and even videos to your online links. Gmail attachment is an excellent method to share documents, pdf files, and other information. If you have to send an image or file quickly via Gmail, you have to attach this file in Gmail message. The size limit of the Gmail attachment is 25 MB. Numerous Gmail users find it difficult to understand how to send large data on Gmail. It is not a difficult task because there are ways to send large files via Gmail.

How to send large data on Gmail

Google drive is an online tool to store files and integrates these files with Gmail. You can send data easily through Google drive from your mail in a similar manner. Just attach them to Google drive and send. You can also divide your 25 MB document to small portions, such as 10 GB in size. To upload 25 GB file to Google Drive, follow the given step:

how to send large data on Gmail

  • Hover your mouse pointer over “attach file” button while composing your message in the email.
  • Choose insert files with the use of Drive.
  • You can insert files from Google drive or your PC without any trouble.
  • You can drag your selected files from computer and drop on drag files button.   
  • If you want to upload more than one files, highlight all files and click open.
  • Click Upload.
  •  Go to “My Drive” option to send files and folders to your Google Drive. 
  • Highlight your selected documents to share via email to make a check mark.
  • Click insert and wait for the upload of a file before sending an email.
  • You will post the link to drive in your email.

Cloud Storage Service

It is the simplest option to store your files and share these files via cloud storage services. Famous cloud storage services are OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. These are efficient medium to share files with others and inform them via email. The receiver can get these files by clicking on a link and download them directly to their PC.

If you have or Gmail, you will find that Microsoft and Google have integrated into their email services. Just click the SkyDrive or Google Drive button while sending your email message. These services can walk through selecting a file that exists in cloud storage.

If you have your Dropbox account, it will be easy for you to share files from cloud storage. If you are worried how to send large files on Gmail, Dropbox can be a good choice for you. By installing Dropbox apps on your computer, you can access these files easily.

Send and Create Numerous Archives

If you need a do-it-yourself method, you can split your file into small parts. For instance, you can make 5 zips of a large file instead of a single file. After breaking an archive, you can attach all separated pieces to your email. These services allow you to upload a file and send a link to download the file. Hope you got the answer of how to send large data on Gmail.


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