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How to use a Pre-Built Website to start your Business

How to use a Pre-Built Website to start your Business

Did you know that there are many pre-built website options available? You can take advantage of what people have done already. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Just benefit from the state of the art designs. There is much more behind a web page than you think. Use the knowledge of creative professionals to take care of design and programming. Then you can focus on developing the content that will sell your site.

In this article, we will explain some examples of pre-built websites options. You will also learn some insight information about the benefits and development process. Learn how to refine your idea from a template. Also, find out that somebody else has developed a pre-built website that fulfills your needs. Learn the advantages of using a pre-built website and walk two steps at once.

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What are the Advantages of using a Pre-Built Website

A pre-built website will cover all the necessary rules for the web page constructions. With the online world changing every day, it is hard to keep the pace of it. You have to be ready for everything, including:

  • Mobile devices.
  • Different web browsers plus new versions.
  • Google and SEO changes.
  • Facebook new rules.
  • Security issues.

An added benefit is that you will save time and money. By getting a pre-built website, you can get all the personalization options faster than doing it from scratch. All these is covered with a template, along with the general design rules. We will discuss them in the following section. That is the magic of using a pre-built website.

General Design Rules for Websites

There are certain general design rules for websites. Again, just follow them and don’t get too creative. It is not just that flat designs are trendy. They also have other benefits which come from simplicity. Watch at the design leaders. They all have plain schemes, and it’s because they are following these rules:

  • Smooth icons: You don’t need to make use of gradients and complex patterns.
  • Daring Colors: Set your website identity with daring colors.
  • High-contrast: It helps to let visitors identify each section and clickable information.
  • Plain Fonts: Chose plain fonts that look good big or small. Beware of complex options because they may be unreadable.

The combination of all these general design rules assures that your web page is readable anywhere. It also will send a professional message to your clients. You will be unconsciously compared to any big company because the look and feel of your site will be professional.

Who designs Pre-Built Websites

Pre-built websites are developed by a team of specialist including online marketing experts, programmers and graphical designers. You can get the best of these professionals with a pre-built website you can personalize later. Each professional has something to give to your site.

Online marketing experts know how to sell products and services online. They have done it many times before and know the right formula to engage your audience. An online marketing expert has gone through the analysis of other campaigns. They are aware of most common mistakes of a website.

Programmers are needed to make sure your site doesn’t break. They know how to detect bugs. You will not have a broken link and the user experience while navigating through your page will be smooth. That is an important part of your online presence. Otherwise, it may ruin your reputation.

A great designer knows which color and which pattern can go together. They will not allow you to put on a pre-built website something that does not fit. It is part of having a professional image for your company.

If you do it yourself from scratch, you will struggle with the learning curve. You might even make mistakes that will cost you time and money. A pre-built website is a fool-proof way to get a professional design that works from the start. Don’t let business opportunities fly from your hands because you don’t have your web page prepared. Use a pre-built website to speed up your business and see how money flows to your pockets.

The most popular Pre-Built Website Options

Depending on your product, service or niche, some pre-built website options have proved they work. They have managed to get the right combination of particular needs. Here are some of the most popular pre-built website options you will find only for tech-related companies:

  • Automation website.
  • Computer website.
  • EBook website.
  • Internet Services online page.
  • Sites for Software or Apps with video.
  • Smartwatch related site.
  • Software website.
  • Tech sites for e-commerce.
  • To be launched web page.
  • Websites for Apps.

Even if you don’t find your business or product on the list, there is a pre-built website for you. There are hundreds of templates you can customize and make your own. Not just for tech businesses, but for anything you may want to launch. After all, every company in any niche needs a presence online.

Automation Website

There are pre-built websites for home and business automation products and services. You can show how technology is there to make your client’s life easier. The template is made in such a way that it is interactive and attractive.

When you are looking for clients in the automation niche, your website must reflect the kind of technology you sell. That requires creativity because you must focus on how to deliver a complex message in an easy way.

A pre-built website for an automation business is a good way to solve the most complex parts of it. Then, you can focus on the content.

Computer Website

The base of the pre-built website for computers is to show a simple and flat glimpse of the product. The arrangement of pictures and views of the product make it suitable for other tech products. You could use this pre-built website arrangement for smartphones, speakers, and home and office appliances. Practically any slim and well design product can be delivered to the computer pre-built website.

It has all the necessary sections to display the product features, options, and benefits. It shows the information in an organized way to let your clients get to know the product easily. You will not forget to add any section because the pre-built website has everything covered from the start. Again, just fill in the content and focus on the quality of the information.

EBook Website

The objective of an eBook pre-built website is to create an advertising page for an eBook. It is made of a single page, with a catchy design. The objective is to show a glimpse of the content without revealing everything about the book.

It is deliberately designed in such a way people will want to read more. In this case, reading more means getting the eBook, and this will lead to conversion. Think of the eBook pre-built website as a template for a poster for your next eBook.

Internet Services Online Page

To market services over the web is a new trend that proves to be very profitable. The Internet is the door to a whole world full of potential clients. It is also a good way to reduce operational costs related to rent and services. Since it doesn’t matter where you are, you can choose any location without worrying about affecting your marketing strategy.

That is why the internet services pre-built website is on this list. It has the objective to picture an institutional image that reflects confidence. Trust is one of the most desired values if you want to succeed as an internet services company.

Each section is related to show your clients how solid you are. You can also make use of the contact facilities the pre-built website can give you.

Sites for Software or Apps with Video

Videos are the new way to promote an online business. A pre-built website with an embedded video feed is prepared for it. To add a video is a good way to promote a software or app. You can show all the benefits with a video.

Create a “how-to” video and let your visitors learn to do an everyday task with your software or app. For those visitors who want to learn further, there are the classical sections with the product features and benefits.

Smartwatch Related Site

It is incredible how the smartwatch concept has transcended. That is why today it is one of the most used pre-built website options out there. More apps are developed specifically for this product, and there are new smartwatch products and related accessories filling the market.

The pre-built website for smartwatches related content covers all possibilities. It is suitable even for repair shops. The design is catchy, and it makes a clear statement about smartwatches.

Software Website

Nowadays, every software must have a web page. A pre-built website gives you the possibility to show your clients all features. That way you can engage them with the software’s capabilities.

An important part of the software is how well real users receive it. The pre-built website includes testimonials from clients to let your potential customers know how it has worked for others. The overall design has graphical elements to help visitors take the image of your software in their minds.

Tech Website for E-Commerce

When you are engaged in selling your products online, there are some proved formulas you can use. Choose a pre-built website with demonstrated results. Some options have even won awards. You can also check the statistics of how well has the pre-built website of your choice performed.

One of the best formulas on tech pre-built websites for e-commerce is to have clear sections. Classification is key to letting clients find what they need. To have a section to look at new products can boost your launches.

Another disregarded section for tech e-commerce websites is a way to access the features and benefits of the product. After all, your web page is your salesman. You have to place there all the tools you can to achieve conversion.

To Be Launched Web Page

Are you working on your next launch? Then you can’t miss the to be launched a pre-built internet site. For sure you are familiar with it. It gives up just enough information to let people know you are coming. Also, a launch web page is perfect for upcoming events and new releases.

It has an attractive image along with a catchy phrase or title. Then, there is a count-down clock. It generates expectation for the future launch. It has all the necessary options for sharing the launch and spreading the word.

Websites For Apps

Internet sites for apps are important to create a presence online. After all, the apps are downloaded from the web. You need to show the benefits and features of your app in an orderly manner.

The most popular pre-built website for apps is built in just one page. It can give the sense of a landing page. But actually, that sort of structure is best to browse in mobiles. There are distinct sections to show any update and news if needed.

You will not struggle to create a web page for your app if you follow a pre-built website. It is a proven way to show your app’s information effectively.

What is the process for using a Pre-Built Websites

To start using a pre-built website requires practically no training or special skills. Pre-built website vendors are aware that their clients don’t have advanced computer skills. That is why they have created easy ways to configure the website.

If we were to put it on steps, it is as easy as these three steps:

  1. Install your pre-built website package.
  2. Personalize your template.
  3. Upload your content.

Once you are done with these three simple steps, you can go live. The real value of your web page comes from the content. Spend the most time on creating the content and don’t worry about design. Use a pre-built website to get a professional outcome and get quicker results.

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