Google Drawings can now be embedded in Google Docs

Now you can insert Google Drawings that you previously saved in Drive directly into a Google Doc.

Go to the “Insert” drop-down menu, the option for “Drawing” will let you either select “New” or “From Drive,” allowing you to navigate to an existing drawing on Drive to place it in.

Google Finally Unlocks Google Document Editing For Non Users

Google has launched the beta test of new functionality that enables G Suite users to invite non-Google account holders to read, comment, and edit Google Docs.

Prior to this update, Google only allowed Gmail Account Users to access Google Docs.

Google Docs is a free web-based app that allows you to create, edit and save docs and spreadsheets online. You can access stored files from anywhere with a PC/laptop connected to internet. Google Docs is a comprehensive workplace solution that allows you to create, collaborate and share your idea easily and quickly. Here is how to use Google Docs at work…

Users can create, import, edit and update docs and spreadsheets in several file formats and fonts, combining text with formulas, images, tables and lists. Google Docs is compatible with most word processor apps and presentation software. Users can also share their docs.

What you can do with Google Docs?

How to use Google Docs at work

  • Create reports, make joint project proposals, note important meeting points, and lot more

Google Docs allow you to create and edit docs easily in your web browser, without requiring any special software. Also, multiple people can work simultaneously; you can keep track of changes made by team members and every change is automatically saved.

You just need Google Apps account to use Google Docs.

  • Import or create

Google Docs allow you to import documents or create a new one from scratch.

  • Creating a new doc

There are two ways to create a new doc: either create one in Docs or in Google Drive.

When creating a document in Docs, click on Blank Doc with a ‘+’ sign on it.

In Drive, click New- Google Docs.

  • Importing and converting old documents to Docs

How to use Google Docs at work

If you wish to important and convert an existing text doc into Docs, follow the below given steps:

Open Google Drive

Click New > File Upload and select the doc from your PC. It supports the following formats: .docx, .doc, .dot, .html, .txt (plain text), .rtf and .odt.

Once the important is complete and you can see your file in Google Drive, right click on it and choose Open with and then select Google Docs.

This will create a copy of your original doc in Docs format. You can edit the document in your web browser like any other file.


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  • Edit and format

You can edit the document, change its look, and work on it as easily as you did with your old program. All the changes will be saved automatically in Google Docs.

  • Adding and editing text

Just open the document and start typing or editing.

  • Add styles and colors

If you want to change page color, margins and orientation, click on File and choose Page setup.

You can make further changes in your documents with the help of toolbar.

  • Add tables, links, images etc.

Use Insert menu to add various features to your doc. Some of the key options include:

Image: Allows you to add an image in your doc from PC, Drive or online.

Link: Inset a link of another page or source

Drawing: Draw diagrams, pictures and shape in your doc.

Table: Create a table of any column and row size.

Bookmark: Include shortcuts to particular places in your doc.


  • Share and collaborate

By sharing your Doc with your team members or associates and clients, you can all work on a document at a time. Everyone can make changes and see them in real time.

  • Share with other people

Open the file you want to share and click on Share.

Enter name or email address of people with whom you want to share the doc.

Choose what type of access you want to give people:

Can edit: People can edit and add content as well as comment on the doc.

Can comment: People can only comment on the doc, but can’t make edits.

Can view: Collaborators can only view the file, but can’t edit or add comments.

Hit Send.


Important features of Google Docs

  • Voice typing

This feature allows you to type with your voice. So, if you find speaking easier than typing, then this feature will be of great help to you. Google Docs supports 40 languages.

  • Quick data visualizations

No need to stress about the huge amount of data. There is a feature called ‘Explore’ in Sheets that creates correct charts to help you understand the data more clearly and easily, as well as it provides snippets of text for easy understanding.

  • Google search in your Docs

Need to search something make search right from your Google Docs.  With Research feature you can search everything without leaving your app.

  • Collect data easily

Google Forms allow you to create great looking questionnaires and surveys. Collect data in real time and then with the help of Google sheets analyze it.

  • Many editable templates

Choose from a huge variety of reports, resumes, business letters and other templates. All templates are editable that allow you to create a required doc easily.

  • Easily access your Docs

Access, edit and create your docs from anywhere, anytime, from your laptop, phone or tablet, even without internet connection.

  • Auto Save option

Never lose a change just because you forgot to click Save. Google Docs have auto save option, so all your edits will be saved automatically. With Revision History you can see older versions of the doc, sorted by date and who edited the document.


How to use Google Docs offline?

You need Chrome browser to use Google Docs offline. Make sure you use the most up to date version or you might face any difficulties. Usually, it updates automatically.

Visit in Chrome and sign in to your account. Click on Settings, Check the box next to “Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline.”


How to activate Docs offline?

You can easily activate the offline feature. Start by installing the Google Drive Chrome app. Start the install by following the onscreen commands. This will install the app in the Chrome browser instead of your PC, so you won’t be needing admin password to do it.


Use add-ons for more functionalities and features

Click on Add-ons in your Google Document and get as many add-ons as you want for free.

We created this guide to help you use Google Docs easily and effortlessly, so you can spend more time using the app to run your business instead of learning how to use software.


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