Google updated and refreshed the Inbox by Gmail service on ‘Update Wednesday’, along with unveiling the Chrome OS and sharing some browser statistics. The update gives you a much better way to keep tabs on links, events, and newsletters.

Life can get extremely busy sometimes. Just think about all the stuff cluttering up your inbox, from personal emails and plans to advertisements and of course, bills. It’s all (sort of) important, but it can be simply overwhelming to keep up with it all. You could even miss something you really needed to see because of all the clutter. The team at Gmail is constantly working on new tips and tricks to make your Gmail experience even better. They’re coming up with new features, tools, and extensions to give you an optimal Gmail experience. Over the years, there have been lots of improvements in the Gmail service, but these new features just might take the cake.

But, now you’ll see three new experiences in your Gmail inbox – saved links, newsletters at a glance, and streamlined events – and it will help you keep better tabs on everything and make you feel a lot more in control.

InboxByGmail -Inbox

Stay on top of Google Calendar events a lot better

Events can be really hard to keep up with because all the little details – everyone’s plans – change from time to time. Inbox will now gather every single email from one event together and show you what’s changed at a single glace. When you click or tap on an event, you can get a complete over, all in a single place.

Get a better handle on all your email newsletters

By the same token, it’s now easier than ever to preview the newsletter content you read so often and click through to the content that matters to you most. And once you’ve gotten a look at the latest stuff, the newsletters will minimize to give you more space in the inbox. Pretty nifty.

Store your favorite links to access later

Finally, your inbox is a whole lot more than just the email messages that are sent to you. The odds are you’ve probably emailed yourself a link or two in the past – to a blog post you want to read later on or a recipe you want to try out. But now instead of sending yourself a whole lot of links in separate emails, use the new “Save to Inbox” option to easily save your links for later use.

Just share the link to your inbox on iOS or Android, or you can alternatively use the Inbox by Gmail extension for Chrome. Whenever you check your email, you’ll be able to see all your saved links grouped together tidily in one place.

These updates will save you time

With all these great updates, Inbox will help you organize and access the information that matters to you most, saving you time and reducing email hassle and clutter. Try out these new features by sharing to Inbox on your mobile device, putting in the Chrome extension, subscribing to a new newsletter or setting up an event.

Learn more about these three amazing features

There is a new Save to Inbox feature that is bundled with the newest app update and is essentially the same as the Pocket app where you’re able to save links to articles or any other kind of content you want to come back to later. If you want to save all your content in one location as a little bundle right inside Inbox, Google has put out a separate Chrome extension. Once you install it, you can just click on the Inbox ‘envelope’ image on the address toolbar and save the page you looked at earlier in your Inbox by Gmail account.

You can then go to the account and see every link inside the bundle called “Saved”. However, unlike the Pocket app, this feature takes the user straight to the original URL, as opposed to formatting it in a view that is more readable.

Even though the Save to Inbox extension is for people who use Chrome on the desktop, Android and iOS users can get the feature as well. You just have to click on the share icon in the Chrome app, and then you just save the link in your Inbox by Gmail account. You can access the links from the same “Saved” folder right inside the email app.

In both mobile and desktop, because you might have two or more Google accounts set up, you can also pick in which account to store the links. You can even share the link directly via email, so it would open in your desired inbox along with a little mail compose box with the link in the email asking you to just add in the email of the sender. Both the choices are displayed right in the dialogue box while you’re saving the link.

This new update also makes it simpler to get a glance at newsletters and jump to the articles that are the most interesting to you. And once you’ve seen the newest stuff, newsletters will minimize to save you space in your email inbox.

Finally, the update makes it simpler to keep track of every event, as well. The service will actually bring all the events together and let you know what’s changed at a single glance. Just clicking or tapping on the event will give you a complete bird’s eye view of other events all in one location, as well.

You can read more about it at the Official Gmail Blog. The Gmail Blog is a great place to learn about all the new things happening with Gmail. Power users will love the constant updates and interesting information that make their Gmail experience even better. You can subscribe to the blog and keep track of blog content with the new newsletter feature. How great is that?


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