Why the iPhone is Better than Android Phones – iPhone versus Android Phone

A comparison between the iPhone (iOS) and android phones can sometimes present itself as an unfair comparison. It’s just like comparing a gorilla to a monkey, saying, “after all they both climb trees”.  In truth, they may both be able to navigate the jungle with relative amount of success.  But when it’s time to select the king of the jungle, the monkey definitely has no say. With this illustration, you can view the iPhone as the Gorilla and the android as the monkey.

For a plethora of reasons, in iPhone versus Android Phone – the iPhone beats the android, any day, anytime. As far as the year 2016 is concerned, the iPhone is still no match for the android devices. ..all put together! At this point you may begin to think that I’m some kind of biased fellow.  Just trying to promote his favorite toys, but I assure you, I am not! I own an android device myself and believe me I can tell the difference by a mile!

Enough intro! Right now.  I want you to journey along with me as we examine facts and figures of the iPhone versus Android Phone. By the end of this article, you will most likely dispose your android phone and trade it for an iPhone.

iPhone versus Android Phone






Wider Range of Apps for iPhone versus Android Phone

This is definitely my first note when it comes to iOS-Android comparison. In truth, there are many amazing apps that are available for utilization on both platforms. However, even for apps shared by both platforms.  Those designed for the iPhone always exhibit a more user-friendly interface and an overall superiority to those of android devices.

Also, most app designers usually design their apps for iOS first.  Before providing something “similar” for the android devices.  And of course, the iPhone designs exhibit more efficiency on a general level than those on android devices.

Another point worthy of note here is the fact that there are lots of apps.  Most are not even available for android devices at all! Whereas such apps are made specifically for the iPhones. So, if your work or activity is heavily dependent on some of these really cool apps, then you may want to consider swapping your android for and iPhone, very quickly too! Trust me, androids can be a real drag!

iPhones Get Updates Faster Than All Other Devices

This is definitely another “knock-out” punch from the iOS. The rate at which iPhones receive system updates is truly remarkable. Unlike android devices which condemn you into living “3 years in the past”.  Simply because you bought your phone 3 years ago.  iOS ensures that your device is always running on an up-to-date software.

Apple actually offers iOS support and updates to phones, even those that are as old as three years. For instance, Apple still offers iOS 9 support for iPhone 4S users. This simply means that the phone you bought 2-3 years ago, can actually be running on the latest operating system today.  Without having to swap your device or purchasing a new one. This is simply unheard of.  When it comes to android devices  you find that the rate at which android smartphone producers release new phones, is much faster.  Because this is the principal way you can actually possess a device that is running on the current operating system. The latest system update for the android is the Android Nougat. To have access to this software though, you must buy a new phone that runs on this software…come on!

Ease of Synchronization  – iPhone versus Android Phone

When you talk about connectivity and synchronization among devices, this is definitely another feature the android has not been able to match. The flow of files among Apple devices can be so seamless. Transferring a file from your iPhone to your iPad or Mac-PC is made immensely easy. There is an in-built file transfer mechanism that allows your various devices function in tandem all at the same time. This is definitely one feature you don’t find on android devices which depend solely on third-party apps to facilitate file transfers.

Also, the iOS features support for “Handoff,” which is a feature that allows you to begin a task with your iPhone and resume it on your Mac or iPad, if you so choose. This you definitely do not find on the android!

The speed of file transfer is also another noteworthy point. The speed of file sharing or transfer between the iPhone and your Mac is tremendously fast.  All thanks to AirDrop, an in-built service that utilizes Wi-Fi for file transfers. Though the android has similar services, the speed is nothing close to what is observed on the iOS.  Not to mention initial connectivity and pairing issues that constitutes an initial drag.

Absence of Deceptive or Carrier-Bundled Apps on iPhone versus Android Phone

If you own an android phone, then you must have been a victim of carrier-bundled apps. Have you ever wondered how “candy crush” or some dumb “zoo” game found its way to your device? These apps are carrier-bundled apps. They get installed on your device when you download or purchase another app. The annoying thing about these apps is that you will most likely never use them, yet you can’t delete or uninstall them and they keep taking up your precious space and phone memory.

This is definitely one feature you don’t find on iPhones. When you download or buy an app from App store, you can be sure there are no hidden or attached apps underneath. Trust me.  this can be a real life saver.  Because a year or two after purchasing your device, the available memory space becomes a really important issue.  You can’t afford to have some redundant app taking up precious space on your smartphone.

Although, on this issue, apple may have a few stunts of its own such as the Apple News and Apple Watch apps that come with the device. However, with your iOS 10, you can easily hide or disable the apps.

iPhone Warranty and Applecare+ for iPhone versus Android Phone

The Applecare+ is a service that allows you to extend the warranty of your phone to two years with just $99 to $129, depending on your device. This warranty extension covers all accidental damages that your device may experience at this period. Trust me this can be a real life saver! Instead of having to get a new device or spending a huge sum on repairs when your iPhone sustains damage, all you need to do is walk into any Apple store to fix it or even replace it depending on the situation.

Although android manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC offer similar services, that of apple is way more reliable and more consistent.

Ease of Sharing Between iPhones versus Android Phone

The AirDrop service doesn’t just facilitate iOS to Mac transfers.  It also rapidly speeds up iPhone to iPhone sharing as well. Once your friend also has an iPhone, the sharing becomes immensely fast and easy. With the AirDrop, a variety of things can be shared.  Be it links, photos, files or even your location. All it takes to share your location with friends on iPhone is just a few taps while sending them the message.

Though this may seem insignificant.  You will suddenly realize the importance when trying to share these same set of information with friends using android devices. You will need to download apps upon apps to perform the same function!

Though the latest android OS version, “Android Nougat” comes with a similar feature for android devices.  This can only become a relevant upgrade when there is a significant circulation of android devices that run on this software.

Aftermarket Value of iPhone versus Android Phone

The iPhone is particularly remarkable when it comes to holding up its value. Even a two-year-old iPhone still worth more than some brand-new android phones produced at that particular time. Unlike android phones which depreciate rapidly, iPhones depreciate at a much slower rate and still commands a lot of money whenever you want to sell it, no matter how old it may be! So, you can relax while using your iPhone, because you can be rest assured that whenever you desire to dispose it, you will get a variety of great offers.

Lightning Cable is Far Superior to the Micro-USB Cable

iPhones utilize a reversible lightning cable for charging and synchronization with other iPhones. This cable shows a lot of superiority to the Micro USB in many ways, but rather notably is the fact that the cables are easier to plug into your iPhone, because unlike USB cables, it has no top or bottom, so, whatever direction you insert will fit in and work smoothly.

This is not the case for android devices that rely majorly on the Micro-USB cables. Sometimes, while trying to charge your android device, you have to try a few times before you can get it right. This may not seem significant to you, but wait until you’re in a real hurry and while trying to plug in your USB cable, it breaks off. Then you will see that it’s a really important issue.

Although Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a wireless charging feature, it still depends on the USB cable for some other activities. In any case, the wireless charging feature is not a uniform feature for all android devices. So, on this issue, the iPhone wins.

Ease of Phone Replacement  for the iPhone versus Android Phone

When it comes to replacing your device, the support offered at the Apple stores, is next to none! When your device gets broken and you need to get an urgent task completed with an iPhone, all you need to do is to walk into any Apple store.  Get a replacement within a few hours unlike most of the android manufactures where you have to endure being “phoneless” for days before you get attended to.

Even if the warranty on your device has expired, you can still obtain a “low-cost” replacement with less cash at the stores. This is truly an awesome feature no other manufacturer has been able to repeat.

Superior Ease of Use

When it comes to the ease of use, the iPhone is obviously matchless. For the average user, many android phones come with so much ambiguity and complex processes, in so much that the user may need to consult search engines, before understanding “how-to” turn something on or off. This can be very annoying especially when you’re in a hurry to get a task completed and your device says you can’t do so because “something” is turned off.

The iPhone comes with a really user-friendly interface that allows even the average user to understand basic processes without having to go through the trouble of consulting search engines or third parties.

Superiority in Headphone Controls

This may seem like an irrelevant feature to non-music folks, but to the ardent lovers of music, it really comes in handy. The iPhone headphones come with a lot of cool features. While most android headphones only come with “call receive and terminate” button, the iPhone headphones come with buttons that controls music as well. You can pause, play, skip your song selections, not to mention the fact that you can also control the volume of the music, with the volume-up or down button, without having to lay a finger on your phone.

Family Sharing Feature

This is definitely a knock-out punch from iPhone. This feature simply allows you to share apps that you have purchased, with your family members, such that your brother or sister does not have to re-buy the same application you have already bought. You can simply share it with them and allow them access and they can use it as though they bought it with their own credit cards. You definitely don’t come across this on android devices.


Whichever way you look at iPhone versus Android Phone, the iPhone is still operating at a level that is far superior to the android phones. Though manufacturers such as Samsung are recently trying to keep up, they are still some steps behind the iPhone.

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