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Is Gmail Down? Here’s How to Fix It

Is Gmail down at your side? You might start wondering whether it is down for everyone or it might be down for you alone. You might also wonder whether it was one of your actions that caused this problem or it is a problem from Gmail’s side. Gmail, like any other internet service, is prone to technical problems and can be down for any reason.

Is Gmail Down?

Just like any other internet service, Gmail provides solutions to its users in the wake of a problem. It is important for the user to know the problem right before looking for a solution.  The very first step to determine whether Google is aware of the problem that you are facing is to check the Google status dashboard.

is Gmail down

Google Status Dashboard

Google Status dashboard is a platform where Google updates the status of it’ services. The site offers information on any faults and problems that are causing problems in the normal operation of one or more of its services. The problems may include login failures, certain elements of service non-operational, missing information, and so on. The Google status dashboard also informs about the expected recovery time of any service. If you see Gmail as one of the services facing a problem, it should not worry you much because Google will handle the problem and Gmail will be live very soon.  However, if you don’t see any information on Google status dashboard about any recent problems with Gmail, you will have to take further action to know what the cause of your problem is. The first step is to consult Gmail help center.

Gmail Help Centre

Gmail help center is the first place you should go if you face a problem while using Gmail. The help center provides solutions for the most common problems that the Gmail users face and provides with the best possible solutions for these problems. The areas where Gmail help center provides assistance include:

Gmail Sign in problems

This section deals with the problems associated with your Gmail login. If you can access Gmail site but cannot log into your account event after entering your credentials, you can refer to this section.

Gmail loading and display problems

Sometimes, you might face problems while loading the Gmail site and the site may not display the site pages properly. If Gmail site fails to load and display the site page right, you can check this section.

Spam and unwanted emails

If you receive so many unwanted emails from unknown and suspicious senders, you may refer to this section. Google help center will give you useful information on how to restrict random senders from storming your inbox with unwanted and harmful emails.

Missing Emails

If you cannot find one or more of your important emails from your inbox, you can check this section. Sometimes, many important emails do not go to inbox, but they might be there in your Gmail.

Gmail account problems

Gmail account problems section deals with general problems associated with your Gmail account.

Problems in Sync, Import, and Export

If you cannot sync your data in Gmail with the Google Drive, or you face problems while uploading and downloading files, this section might help you fix your problems.

Rejected Emails

Many a times, emails get rejected by the Gmail due to one or more reasons. If you think that your emails are getting rejected even after you have entered right information, you can consult this section for guidance.

If your problems match one of the problems listed above, you can get instant help. But, Is Gmail down even after trying the solutions offered in the Gmail help center? You will have to contact Google help center.


How to Report a problem with Google

Is Gmail down at your side and you can’t find a solution on Gmail help center? You should contact Google and tell them exactly what is happening. To contact Google,

1- Login to Gmail

2- Click on the Settings Gear, a drop-down menu will open

3- Select Send Feedback from the menu

4- Describe your problem in detail in the dedicated box

5- If you can capture a screenshot of the problem, that will help Google staff in diagnosing the problem right

6- Click on Send button after completing the steps

One of the Google assistants will look at your problem and will respond back with a possible solution. Gmail users with paid services such as G Suite will have more options to contact Google staff if they face a problem using Gmail. This includes live chat, phone calls, and email assistance.

Alternate Ways to Access Gmail While It’s Down

Is Gmail down even after trying all the possible solutions given in the above sections? You might need alternate ways to use your Gmail.  Here are a few ways to access Gmail when it’s not working like it does in most of the days.


Most of the times, the alternate versions of Gmail work just fine even if it’s normal web interface is out of order. One such alternate version is the Gmail HTML.  To access the HTML version, you will have to log in to your Gmail account while it’s working and switch to HTML mode. You will then bookmark the Gmail HTML version page. This will allow you to access the HTML version when your normal Gmail service is faulty.

Gmail Mobile

You can access Gmail mobile on your desktop screen. This version doesn’t contain much of the features that the desktop version does, but it will surely do the basic job, i.e., sending and receiving emails. Although the HTML mode works better than the Gmail mobile, you can save the later as an option for a time when you just feel bored from the HTML version or just in case the HTML doesn’t work as you like it.


Just like any other online service, Gmail may have problems time and again; and you might face problems accessing or using your account. Google has a status dashboard to inform it’s user about the current status of its services and you can find the status of Gmail from there. Moreover, an extensive help center in the form of Gmail help center provides solutions to most common problems associated with the Gmail. If you still cannot access the Gmail, you can contact Google staff to look at the cause of your problem.


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