The time is 3500 B.C; history witnessed the invention of the wheel, which became the basis of the physical gadget world until today. However, the current millennium is about virtual technology. Postages, stamps, and letters are outdated. Even email has many versions and the favorite of it all remains the Gmail. Updated with Gmail Analytics Tool, it makes every ounce of effort on your part to become a boom.

With one billion active users per month at its platform, Gmail is free, swift and steadfast with an ample storage facility that caters to a vast majority. These features make Gmail a credible choice for either an individual use or the corporate sector.

Gmail analytics tool

Gmail Analytics Tool

The designers behind this G-venture continually upgrade the system to take it to a faultless status. The Gmail Analytics Tool is one such sweat on their part with multiple add-ons and services. Here is a look at them and some tips to make the best use out of them.


Taskforce is collaborative in nature that converts the inbox into an efficient productivity gear. It enables you to create a to-do list out of the zillion emails you receive. You can set reminders with it, add due dates for yourself or others and check if they have met the deadline.

Taskforce helps you stay organized by removing all the clutter and maintaining focus on the most important emails. If you are a little forgetful like me, Taskforce is indispensable as it helps you remember your important closing dates.

There is no requirement of parallel account of Taskforce for your colleagues to share your deadlines or switching from your Gmail account.

Upon addition, Taskforce is automatically integrated with your Gmail; a click on ‘convert to new task’ or ‘add to existing task’ would add the email to your to-do list.

The basic version of Taskforce is free, however; the Pro costs about $5 per month with added features as tracking recurring or continued tasks, drag, and drop items in to-do list according to priority.


If you own a corporate business, this is a great feature for you and your team. Containing different email templates, ToutApp enables you to create and send multiple emails on a repeated basis. It also facilitates auto-attachment of documents and auto-cc recipients within those templates.

ToutApp allows you to send those emails at timings specified by you with back-end analytics keep a check at who opens those emails. Only contacts specified by you can open the emails.

A godsend for a sales team, ToutApp helps you generate revenue with a swiftness so that you are never out of business or out of touch with your business. Some upshots of ToutApp are

Email, Website, & Document Tracking

High Deliverability Email

Automated Campaigns

Integrated Templates & Content

Integrated Calendaring

Enterprise Grade Security

Gmail, Outlook, Exchange & CRM

Dialer, Local Presence & Recording

Unparalleled Reports & Insights

Smartr Inbox

Smartr Inbox converts your Gmail account into a central hub, integrating all the electronic communication channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A time saver tool for social media enthusiasts, it runs as a sidebar on the right-hand side of your Gmail account.

As a Gmail Analytics Tool, it enables you to see the activity on different platforms by a certain person whose mail you are reading so that you do not have to switch accounts at different stages nor get disturbed by repeated notifications from different forums. Smartr inbox upgrades you with

A previous history of emails with someone

Any common contacts with the specific person

A graph representing the communication data

An overview of all accounts in a glance with an ability to post at the site


Do you require an alert for high priority email? Well, AwayFind sends you alert signals via a text, IM, voice call, a direct message via twitter or a notification via the app.

It identifies the important contacts for you depending upon your commute with them on a different period; working as a great Gmail analytics tool. If you have an important appointment, flag it and AwayFind will notify you in time.

Find Big Mail

Though Gmail is generous in rendering a 10GB storage space, some individuals have a ‘do more’ attitude. Find Big Mail enables you to identify the emails that take up most of your space via a detailed summary of your account.

Once installed, simply enter your email address on the Web service’s homepage and let it do its job. It will spot the 20 largest emails dominating your space at the same time of enlisting the emails in the sidebar according to size for your convenience.

Find Big Mail might not be a huge service for an ordinary consumer but at bigger platforms, it can certainly make it easier to remove the pestering emails.


This particular feature helps you find data almost instantly among your zillion emails, contacts, documents and so on. Recently rebranded as Newton, with some new aesthetic upgrades, it offers the same services as CloudMagic.

It delivers a ‘snooze message service’; schedule delivery times for your messages respond to emails in time and notifies you when the recipient has read your message. Newton has its card features as well as Sender Profile.

CloudMagic scans your Gmail and Google apps, Twitter, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 emails, contacts, and calendars.




NudgeMail can be your mama in disguise; it keeps reminding you of your forgotten tasks and overlooked emails. Simply forward an email to NudgeMail with the desired time and date in the subject category. You can add a snooze to the reminder too, though it does not serve the purpose of a nudge.

Privicons for Gmail

Are you a private person with a confidential attitude? The Privicons would keep your secrets safe. Simply click the ‘Add Privicon’ in the Gmail taskbar. This will add privacy indicators, which are color-coded to alert the recipients of the susceptible nature of the sent email.

Other clear indicators include ‘Keep private’, ‘Don’t Print’, ‘Delete after reading/X days’, ‘Don’t attribute’. If you were sharing the data with a couple of people, ‘Keep Internal’ would send them a message to keep it to themselves.


WiseStamp is an email signature. Gmail designers understand the importance of a logo and signature, whether it represents an individual or a company. It enhances your opportunities in life by sharing your personal profile or any other information you wish to share with your email.

Minimalist For Everything

Are you a part of the minimalist movement? Even if you are not, you might want to customize your Gmail account according to your own preferences and mood.

This feature of the Gmail Analytics Tool enables you to clear the clutter from your account and leave the essentials only. Clear away the sidebar, header advertisements, Gmail chat window, Google notifications, and updates.


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