The new Google Home is one of the most diverse applications that has come to the market. There is a lot that it does, it is truly and application for all your tasks. But since it is a little messy and too full of functions, there is a need to be abreast about what is there to look for.

A whole new world called Google Home

Google Home

The recent updates have made it to be referred as the whole new world called Google Home. This is to be understood that here we are not talking about the ‘know it all’ Google Home, rather it is a newer application with the same name. This newer application is way more than just a living room decor for you. It enables you to do a lot of things at once. Some of the most noteworthy features of this app are the ability to locate the physical Google Home device and also locating new apps for your Chromecast. The Google Home app also comes with the features of providing you all possible customizations that you generally do with the help ofGoogle Assistant. With all the amazing features, too much of the possibilities have made this app a bit complicated. Let’s give you a bird’s eye view of the app.

Centralized App Management

Different products and services of Googles such as the Chromecast, the Google Home device or the Chomecast Audio require the app. The presence of this app enables the user to connect to a central hub for the management of all the different products and services. For example, if you have a device such as the Android TV which draws support from the Chromecast, you have to have this app to manage your dashboard. The usage of various devices and applications of Google can be integrated to be used and managed with Google Home as the sole front of all applications.

Moreover, the proper use and management of most of the hardware are efficiently enabled and made easier by the Google Home app. Having the Google Home app makes it easier for you to surf through Netflix, browse songs and expand your command lists. It comes with a slide-out menu that shows a list of multiple features that you can benefit from. The search feature of Google Home makes it much easier for you to use various apps and devices.

Final Words

Overall, the Google Home has an integration of too many features and devices, which may make it looked crammed and messy. But the most important and noticeable feature is the slide-out menu, which makes things much clearer and arranged for the users. To some, it might look like a newer version of Google Assistant, but like the other products and services launched by Google, we hope that the new Google Home will smooth out with time and be more clear and useful for all the users. Experts also predict that this app will enable the users to keep their data and device safer than ever before and not provide access to unauthorized users through Wi-Fi connections.



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