Using Google products on IOS has always been surprisingly good. The Gmail IOS app is one of the many Google products which give users a seamless experience. Many users are of the opinion that using Gmail on IOS is a better experience than using it on android.

New Updates To The Gmail IOS App

Google has recently updated its Gmail IOS app. The new update adds new features to the app in addition to the improved user experience and better performance. Let’s review the new update of the Gmail IOS app and explore the new features that the new update brings to the app.

A Brand New User Interface

If you are an IOS user and haven’t updated your Gmail IOS app yet, you will find a brand new Gmail IOS app in line waiting for your click. The first thing you will note in the new version of the app is that the UI is refurbished from the scratch. What appears from the outlook of the new UI is that Google wants the Gmail IOS app to look similar to the android app. Although the interface is now similar to that of android, users have yet to experience the working of the updated app to decide whether the updated version is similar in performance in addition to the interface.

Gmail for iOS will finally let you view all your emails from multiple accounts in a single inbox.

You can choose to have all your emails visible in a single screen — all you need to do is click on the “All inboxes” button in the little side menu, and hey presto!

New Color Schemes and Better Icons

New color schemes have been added along with more visible and presentable icons in the new Gmail IOS app. According to some experts, changes such as those in the color schemes, icons, and the user interface won’t impact the performance of the app as a whole. However, many others think that these changes are the very reason the app will perform better on the IOS platform.

Better user experience is the key in determining the performance and usability of any app and these changes boost the user experience. In addition to the user experience, the new changes also amplify the speed of the app.

New and Advanced Features

The swipe feature is a new addition to the Gmail IOS app, which allows the users to archive or delete the message. Users can set one of the two options from the app’s settings. The swipe feature is a long due addition because other email application already had the app and users were unable to find any reason as to why Google was reluctant to add such a useful feature in the app.

The search feature of the Gmail IOS app has been improved and is now many times more efficient that the earlier versions. Through the search feature, users can now get more relevant and better search suggestions in less amount of time.

The ‘Undo Send’ Feature

This feature is, without any doubt,  one of the biggest addition to the Gmail IOS app. Not only this is a useful feature, it also will help many users save their careers, and others from various kinds of remorse. The feature provides ample time for the users to undo send after they click the send button.


So this is all about the new updates to the Gmail IOS app. If you have gone through the list of the updates given above, you will know that it’s not just another update and Google is seriously working to make the app perform better for the IOS users.

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