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9 Reasons to Use Gmail Google Docs and Ditch Microsoft Word

How Microsoft Word Macros May Infect Your Computer With Malware and stealing your banking credentials, and other sensitive personal private data.

According to the hacker news, Microsoft Word documents are embedded with malicious macros to deliver malware.

The attacks start from phishing emails containing an attached Microsoft Word document embedded with malicious macros and then uses Powershell to deliver fileless malware.

Security researchers have discovered two separate malware campaigns. The malware campaigns appear to be a work of two separate cybercriminal groups.

Ursnif is a data-stealing malware that typically steals sensitive information from compromised computers with an ability to harvest banking credentials, browsing activities, collect keystrokes, system and process information, and deploy additional backdoors

9 Reasons to Use Gmail Google Docs and Ditch Microsoft Word

I know, I have experienced it too. You invest a lot of time working on a Document only to sign out before you save it and lose all your progress. It’s frustrating. But what can you do, you deserve it because you are still using Microsoft word in 2017. Well, to be honest, losing your precious work should be intolerable and that is why you need to switch to Google Docs. Here are 9 reasons why;

1. No more risk of files getting corrupt

One of the most annoying and frustrating things you can ever do is stay up late to work on a file only to discover later that the document you were working on has been corrupted by a virus. It’s frustrating because of the immersive time investment you would have out into working on the document.  Google can provide you with a safe haven through its application, Google Docs that will enable you to type your documents and store them in the cloud where there is no risk of you losing them.

2. Open Collaboration

This is one of the Best features offered by Google Docs, the ability to collaborate openly. If you work with a remote team or even in the same office from different Computers, then Google Docs is the best choice. The interface of Google Docs comes with a Chatroom that will enable you to communicate live with your team while working on a project. Besides that, you will be able to also see and track changes live as they are effected, something that should be applauded on Google Docs.

3. Easy to share documents

One thing regarding documents is they should be easy to share without having to go through a lot of work. Google docs affords you with that opportunity. You can share documents with your team with much ease. Think about it for a second. When you use word or Microsoft office to create a document, you would first need to save the document in your local machine, open your emailing client and then send that document to whoever you want to send it to. It laborious. With Google docs however, you can just send a link to whoever you want to share your document with and it’s all done.

4. The ability to export to PDF or Word

The thing I love the most about Google Docs is that it doesn’t care about document formats or anything of that sort. After writing your document, you can export and download it in any format of your choosing, be it doc, docx or pdf. The reason why this is so important is that Microsoft word can be particular about the document formats it opens. For example, older versions of Microsoft word do not open the docx format and this can be troublesome for your productivity if you are given documents that  you cannot access.

5. Make it Public

If you are a publisher and have trouble with your website, you can create a Google Document and make it public for the public to read from. I recently did that when publishing for a news site. The site had a problem, so I simply used Google Docs to write whatever I wanted to write and made the document public. Over 1 000 people would read the document at once, it was satisfying.

6. Work from any computer

Google Docs doesn’t give much emphasis into computer performance. As long as the computer can run a browser, then it can also run Google Docs. What does this mean? This means you can access Google Docs from any PC. So, if your PC had problems running word with speed, then it might be time for you to consider migrating to Google Docs just to avert these problems. One thing you will need however when working with Google Docs is internet access, but honestly, who doesn’t have that anyway these days?

7. Work on the Go

If you are always moving and on the Go, then you need to work with Google Docs as compared to work. Firstly, Google Docs allows you to access your documents from anywhere, it’s just amazing. Apart from allowing you to access them from anywhere, it also allows you to work while on the Go. As long as you have an android device, then you can access your Google Docs account by just downloading the dedicated mobile app. If you think of a new article concept while in commute, you can just type out the initial ideas using your mobile then extend everything when you get on your PC, it’s as simple as that.

8. It’s the Future

If you are assertive, then it’s simple for you to note that the basic Digital environment is about to become fully web-based. Yes, it’s happening and amazing enough. And as usual, for you to make the most of the future, you have to familiarize yourself with it today. How do you do that, you may ask? Start using Google Docs and more so, get used to a Web interface and Web Collaboration.

9. It’s amazing

To be honest, the thing I love the most about Google Docs as compared to word is the sleek interface. It’s inspiring to work on and it makes work seem easier. Who doesn’t want that? It’s the perfect tool that should be used by anyone serious about productivity because that’s what it represents.

Well, these 9 reasons are mine. What about yours? Share them below.



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