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How Many Ways Are There To Google On Android ?

A lot of people are talking about the experience of using Google software products on Google hardware products. many users, who had the chance of using Google products such as Gboard on both IOS and Android, felt that the experience was a bit better with the IOS. Surprising – isn’t it? How can Google manage to give an inferior user experience on its own devices? This phenomenon led us to wonder how good an experience would be to do basic Google on Android. It turns out that there are more than a few; almost too much of ways than a normal user would want to have.

Number of Ways To Google On Android

Let’s get to work and find out how many ways are there to Google on Android.

Google on Android

The G button

All the android phones have a full search bar, while the new Pixel phone has a big G button on the screen. This button can be swiped right to open the bar and there you are; search for anything you want right on the screen. Google on android cannot get easier than this and most of the android users seem to prefer this feature.

Screen Search

The previously known ‘Now on Tap’ was one of the most prominent tools to Google on Android a few years ago. However, with more and more updates to the system, this feature is now a subsidiary of Google assistant.

Although the idea behind this feature is very good and still very workable, the Google thinks that the search screen should only appear only when the user asks for it. The screen search feature searches all the Google with respect to what you type on screen and provides relevant results.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is most probably the most common way of doing basic Google on Android. The main reason is that it literally takes just a single click to open a chrome tab. The Google must not have planned the Chrome browser to be the main tool for doing Google on Android. However, the users seem to be happy with what they are doing.

Google Assistant

The voice-based search feature in android is still new and in constant development since its inception. The Google assistant is probably going to be the next G button of the android; due to obvious reasons. Although doing Google on Android through Google Assistant might seem a little less reliable today, the pace with which Google is working on this product and cashing on it means that the Google Assistant will surely improve and deliver better results; which means more and more people will use it to do Google on Android in the future.


It’s the latest addition introduced with the Pixel phones. Being new, it has its flaws. For example, it only lets you search gifs and displays only a single result. However, Google must be working on it to make it more user-friendly and effective for doing Google on android


The list doesn’t end here. Apart from the ways discussed above, there are two more ways you can Google on Android; The Allo and Google Now. Needless to say, there are too many ways to Google on Android then there should be.

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