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PayPal Login

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment systems. Many people consider it as a safe payment option while others find the PayPal login procedures very easy and user-friendly. Being a highly reliable company, PayPal promises secure and safe transactions on the platform and also guarantees the safety of user data.

PayPal Login Safety Tips

PayPal login is easy and straightforward; but sometimes, the situation might get tricky. Recently, many scams have appeared which aim to hack the PayPal login credentials of the users by different ways.  In this blog, you will learn many useful ways to safely login to your PayPal account.

Don’t Link Your PayPal Account With Your Bank Accounts

Many users do it, and then many of them regret after an incident happens. Linking your bank accounts with the PayPal account is not a problem until your PayPal login credentials are hacked.  This way, you can lose all your savings in the bank as well with the amount in your PayPal account if your account is compromised by any chance. In the tips after this one, we will tell you how to avoid the hacks, but for now, it’s not advisable to link your bank accounts with the PayPal accounts.

Don’t Click on The Links in PayPal Login Emails

This is a most common way to hack any PayPal account. They pretend to be from PayPal company and ask you click on PayPal login links to do some verification. In reality, these links lead you straight to losing your PayPal login credentials.  Never get tempted by any exclusive offers, discounts, lucky draws, that you receive from (fake) PayPal. You should remember the official email ID of PayPal and block all other variants as soon as you receive any email.

Never Do PayPal Login From a Public PC

You never know about public computers. They are only as secure as the person who used it just before you.  Every kind of people use the public computers and they sure include some hackers. To avoid any inconvenience, never bother to put your PayPal login credentials on a public PC. There might be situations where you direly need your money, but you must know what you are doing.

Choose a Secure Internet Connection

Even if you have your own PC, you are not 100% safe from the risks that come with PayPal login. The public internet connections and Wi-Fi spots are not a good source to use; especially while doing sensitive financial transactions. Use your personal internet connection for online transactions; be it PayPal or any other payment gateway.

Your PayPal Login ID and Passwords Should Be Unique

Don’t be too lazy while choosing the PayPal credentials.  There are people out there who use same email IDs and passwords for every single online platform. When one account is breached by any means, this leads to greater problems. So, it is important to make unique ID and a strong password for your PayPal account.


If you want to ensure that your PayPal login account is safe and secure, follow the tips given above and you will never regret later.

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