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The Perfect Cloud Security Solution

The advent of cloud storage was a godsend for individuals and businesses because it solved many storage issues that modern businesses faced. But for individuals, it presented a new problem. The concept of cloud security was not present in cloud storage services, to this day the personal data security is lacking in these services. Users are left to their own devices in this matter; they have to encrypt the data and upload it themselves, which is a tedious task. But now there is a simple solution, a program called Rclone can solve all your cloud security problems.

Rclone is the perfect cloud security solution, it is available for almost all operating systems, including OSX and Windows. It offers the best way to backup or syncs your data with your cloud storage service. The biggest advantage that Rclone offers is that it can work with all the big name cloud storage services, no need to customize anything.

Using Rclone For Better Cloud Security

Cloud security

Rclone is a command-line tool, but that shouldn’t worry you as it can be set up easily.

Once you have your cloud destinations or remotes setup, you can install Rclone and get into the settings with the rclone config command. When you setup and account, suppose on Dropbox, Rclone will prompt you and ask for access.

You can connect Rclone with your cloud management service through the remote and name it as desired. A window will open which will allow you to connect Rclone with your account. You will be prompted to enter the path that you need to sync with the storage service. This ends the initial setup of Rclone.

Encrypted Remote

Now you can setup the encrypted remote, using the rclone config. This encrypted remote will utilize the initial remote, you can do this by choosing the encrypted remote option and selecting the existing remote and giving it a new name. Next, you will be prompted to select a password, if you don’t want to choose one the program will generate one for you. There is also an option to encrypt the file and folder names. Now you are ready to send encrypted data to the cloud.

Pushing and Pulling Data

Rclone offers users different ways to sync data with their cloud storage service. The preferred method is the sync command. Use this command to bring the data from the cloud to a folder: rclone sync remote: path /path/to/folder. And use this command to move the data from the folder to the cloud: rclone sync /path/to/folder remote: path. There are other ways to sync the data but they require scripting knowledge and can cause errors. So it would be ideal to stick with the aforementioned method.

The popularity of cloud storage is at its peak, and more people are relying on it for their data storage needs. But the privacy issue is front and center, you require a good cloud security application to make sure that your data remains secure on the cloud. It doesn’t get any simpler and better then Rclone.

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