Pokemon Go Login Tips and Tricks

Pokémon Go is a massive success – there’s no doubt about that. People all over the world are discovering new places around them, going around capturing Pokémon. There has been a lot of buzz on social media and many Pokémon memes can be seen every day. The launch hasn’t been smooth though. There have been many server issues and many bugs, which are quickly being fixed. The worst part is that some people aren’t even able to login to their Pokémon Go accounts which keeps them from playing. If you are one of these people and want to badly scratch that Pokémon catching itch, then read on. We have compiled some of the most common Pokémon Go issues such as Fixing Pokémon Go Login and other related solutions for you.

All Trainer Progress is lost and is on level 1 again

This is the problem which makes people panic the most. People think that they have lost all the Pokémon they collected and don’t want to play the game again. The good news is that there is no verified report of anyone’s data being lost. If your trainer is at level 1 again, you do not have to level up from the beginning. What happens is that many people end up accidentally creating a new Pokémon Go account which is why they think that they are on Level 1 again. Their original accounts are still on the level they left it at.

Simply go to settings from the main menu and sign out. Once you are signed out, sign in again, but this time, make sure you are using the email address you used the first time you created your Pokémon go account. As soon as you login to the right account, you will get back all the leveling progress that you thought you lost. It is easier than you think to accidentally create a new account so make sure you try this method if you appear to be at level 1 again.

Progress lost after update on iOS

This is another big problem being faced by Apple users. People who updated Pokémon Go found that their progress has been lost. Don’t panic; your Pokémon are safe in your original account. What happened is that Niantic (the makers of Pokémon Go) changed the way that Google accounts are being used within the game. This means that some people ended up creating new accounts by accident.

The solution for this is simple. You need to delete the app from your phone first. Since the new account is integrated into your Pokémon app now, it will be impossible to get your Pokémon back without uninstalling it. Once you have removed Pokémon Go from your phone, you need to install it from the app store again. After you install it, choose the ‘Use Google Account’ option and then enter the email address you originally used to create the account the first time. You will be logged into your original account and all those Pokémon you caught will be right there and you will be at the same level you were previously.

You will need to reauthorize the Google account. The app will open a webpage which will ask you to enter your Google account details and then give Pokémon Go permission to use the account once again. Don’t panic, your original Pokémon will not be lost – this is the official method of fixing this problem.

Changing your login email or method

There are many people who want to change the email address or login method they used to create their Pokémon Go account while keeping their Pokémon. The bad news is that there is no possible way to do this – Niantic has simply not allowed this yet. It is possible that there may be a system for doing this later on, but right now, it is impossible. Since you are using your Google ID or some other ID and not a verified Pokémon ID, there is no way to transfer accounts.

Pokémon Go Login

There are many other bugs being reported as well and they are being fixed over time. The most dramatic changes have been in the ‘Nearby Pokémon’ option. People loved the tracker, but it often got stuck. There were also many websites which were offering Pokémon tracking services. Apparently, the Pokémon tracking option was causing a lot of load on the servers and was the main reason behind people suffering Pokémon outages and not being able to login or play the game.

Other Problems

People got mad when Niantic completely removed the option. If you were wondering why you couldn’t track Pokémon properly, now you have your answer. Niantic realized that there was no way for them to offer the tracking service in its current form while maintaining their servers, so they opted to disable the service while keeping the game open for everyone. People complained a lot about the removal of this option because it turned Pokémon into a game of luck. There was no proper way or hunting Pokémon anymore which took out a lot of fun out of the game.

Another problem was that too many Pokémon would get away. You would keep throwing Pokéballs at them but they would keep running away. This was also a bug – Niantic never wanted you to lose all those balls for no reason. The good news is that both these problems are being fixed or have been fixed. The Pokéballs bug has already been fixed and if you update your app and play the game again you will realize how much better it is now. A new tracking method is also being beta tested – it has been given to many people already and it makes catching Pokémon fun again.

Remember to stay safe and be very alert of your surroundings when you play Pokémon. We have heard of people who injured themselves because they were absorbed in their phones and didn’t see where they were stepping. All you need to stay safe is to have a bit of situational awareness and you’re good.

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