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How Snapchat Universal Search Works

The Snapchat universal chat is yet another exciting addition to the popular messaging app Snapchat. The app is known for always being one step in introducing exciting new features. And, the recent update, which mostly revolves around the Snapchat universal search, has brought a visible boost to the usability of the app.

Although Snap chat is reaching new heights of popularity with each passing day, the users of this app usually complained about the issues in user friendliness. Especially the new users found it very hard to use the app seamlessly. The Snapchat universal search directly competes with the News Feed feature of facebook, and Explore feature of Instagram.

How Snapchat Universal Search Works

Snapchat universal search

Let’s have a look on how Snapchat universal search features cater to the issues related to discovering other people, events, places, and much more.

Launching Snapchat Universal Search

If you start the Snapchat app, you will see a search area in the upper left corner of the interface. The Snapchat universal search features would launch as soon as you start the app and would appear next to the Snapchat logo or the Bitmoji that you have made for yourself. Other than the home screen, you can access the feature from other sections of the app such as ‘Stories’ and ‘Chat’. This is how you can access the Snapchat universal search. Now let’s get to know what this feature has really got to offer.

Snapchat Universal Search Features

Snapchat universal search is a powerful search tool with dual functionality.  Either you can search an item and let Snapchat lead you there, or you can search for people by entering their real name or nicks, and get a list. You can search for people through emojis too. This feature makes it easy to find the real accounts of stars and celebrities as famous people have their own personalized emojis.

‘Quick Chat’ and ‘Groups’

The most prominent thing that will cross your eyes is the ‘Quick Chat’ button that lies just below the search bar. The quick chat feature allows the frequent users of the Snapchat to connect immediately with their close friends with whom they chat more often. Moreover, if you hold your finger for a while on the profile picture of a friend, additional details about him/her such as username, score, and actions would appear.

Another feature that appears just below the ‘Quick Chat’ Snapchat universal chat is ‘Groups’. Clicking on the tab will present a list of groups in which you are a member. The Group enables you to do chat in groups. If you hold a group name for a while, options for customization and setting will appear.

‘New Friends’ and ‘Contacts’

Below these two features is a major chunk of the space that is dedicated to the ‘New Friends’ and ‘Contacts’. The New Friends feature enables you to start chats with newly added friends and acquaintances, while the ‘Contacts’ feature to invite the contacts on your phone who are not yet the members of the Snapchat community.


Snapchat Universal Search feature is certainly going to give a boost Snapchat needed to give its rivals a hard time. The feature not only makes the app more user-friendly but also makes it easier for the users to quickly find exciting content on the app.

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