Soundcloud is an online platform for audio distribution.  Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the site allows its users to upload and share audio tracks. Users can record online, share, and promote their own created sounds. Alexander ljung is the Chief executive officer (CEO) and Eric Wahlforss is Chief technical officer (CTO) of SoundCloud. The platform came into being in Berlin, Germany in August 2008 by Ljung and Wahlrorss the former a Swedish sound designer. Musicians were aspired to upload and share their recordings with their fellow groups. The site later modified into a platform to share their music with the world. The following article contains an easy guide on SoundCloud login and issues related to it.

 About SoundCloud

soundcloud login

Soundcloud received a fund of 2.5 million euros in April 2009 Doughty Hanson technology ventures. By May 2010, SoundCloud had a million subscribers already.  The company raised a confirm 10 million dollars from union square ventures. Moreover,  in the month of June of the following year, it had five million users. The venture also received investments from a few A-grade investors. Soundcloud company media team announced it had 15 million users by May 2012 in a press conference. In the same press conference, they also announced an API version of the Soundcloud. The new users kept increasing at the rate of about one and a half million users per month in the following years.

The launch of new API

When the new API was launched in 2012 with new features such ad addition of mobile device access, newly added options of optimizing profile designs, new options for sharing, access to create real-time index search while playing music simultaneously and a slightly new interface to interact with users but the users were not fully satisfied by these modifications and there were around sixty thousand mixed comments regarding the new layout while there were about 180 million users per month which were 8 percent of global internet, reports showed that there was uploading of 10 hours of content every minute by the end of the following year.

In 2013 SoundCloud became an integrated music player that would be a third party music partner for twitter and iTunes. However, the idea was a flop because of piracy issues and SoundCloud was unable to provide arrangements for major music labels. By the end of 2013, Soundcloud had registered four times the users since the beginning and about 20 million listeners every month.

SoundCloud Login Features

The key feature of SoundCloud includes artists to upload their music with a unique URL which can be embedded anywhere on Facebook or twitter to reach the target audience. The main advantage of SoundCloud is that users can share their music on a wide range of online platforms available in the share section of their SoundCloud accounts. Moreover,  it allows the users to upload from a vast range of audio formats that include mp3, Wav, mp2, aac and many others. Users can also track their recordings shares, comments, followers and feedbacks. Registered users can upload 180 minutes of audio without any payments. Moreover,  half of the songs uploaded are available for playing within the first 30 minutes of uploading. Also, there are several new apps in the apps market that share content from SoundCloud and help reach users get to targeted audience easily.

How To Do SoundCloud Login

Soundcloud login is an easy process due to the user-friendly interface of SoundCloud website which can be accessed by using your mobile phone SoundCloud app or PC website, however, the features and interface for PC users and smartphone users are a little different. Following are the easy steps to log in to your SoundCloud account.

Login using PC

  • Go to SoundCloud login page at
  • Click on the box with e-mail and type the email ID associated with your SoundCloud ID
  • Type in your password in the password section right under the email box and press enter
  • You will now see your account details and activities in the next window

Login using Smartphone

  • Go to app store and download SoundCloud apps
  • Click on the app and you will see the SoundCloud login page in the first instance
  • Click on the email section and type in your email and password and press enter
  • You will be guided to your SoundCloud home screen

How to change your password on Soundcloud

In case you have forgotten your password you can follow the following steps to recover your password for SoundCloud login in future. Remember that Soundcloud will ask for your email that is associated with your SoundCloud account.

  • Go to your SoundCloud login page from PC or app
  • Click on the link below password that says ‘need help?’
  • Click on ‘I don’t know my password’
  • Type in your email Id associated with your account and click on request a password reset button to continue
  • Go to your email inbox and look for the email from SoundCloud and get you password details

 How to delete your account from Soundcloud

If you wish to deactivate your account permanently then follow the steps given below. However, remember that once your account if deleted cannot be restored because it is permanently removed from the SoundCloud server while it might show on google search because of caching as google is unable to recognize dead links.

  • Go to Soundcloud login page from your PC and log in to your SoundCloud account using your email Id and password
  • Click on settings in drop-down menu followed by the dots on the upper right corner of your screen
  • Navigate to heading that says ‘Delete account’ at the bottom of the menu
  • Soundcloud will make you go through a few questions to select from as the reason to delete your account which you have to select and click on the box ‘delete my account’ to delete your account


Soundcloud is an excellent online service for artists to upload and share their original sounds and by sharing their content from its vast range of sharing options to multiple platforms while keeping a track of their followers, comments and number of times the sounds being listened to with unique ID among other users and easily accessible from Soundcloud login menu and easy management of their accounts.

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