The Spotify mobile app is much more than meets the eye. It’s available on Android and iOS and is mostly used by people to stream their favorite music. Once you start paying attention to it, Spotify can reveal many different tricks up its sleeve.

Like a great Spotify radio mix? It’s easy enough to download it on your phone and not end your monthly data plan. The other thing you can do is adjust the quality of the audio you are streaming and customize how your songs are played and much more. Some of these features do require the premium $10 Spotify membership. After learning about these features, you will know that Spotify mobile app is more than just a streaming app.

Spotify Mobile App

Spotify mobile app

Spotify is everyone’s favorite radio streaming app, with its wide collection of stations. You can play music around the clock when you are on your home network, but what about when you are traveling and have to use your data plan? You can save the songs from Spotify on your playlist, you can download them and play them offline later on.

In iOS, a Spotify station can be downloaded easily by switching the download option on. And where a custom station is concerned, just press the three dotted button and select the ‘Add to Playlist’ option. This way you can add the tracks you are listening to in an existing playlist and create a brand new list. Now open this list and download the tracks to your phone for offline play.

In Android, existing Spotify radio stations can be downloaded in the same was as in iOS. For customized radio stations the process is a little lengthy, as the Android version of the Spotify app doesn’t have the ‘Add to Playlist’ option for radio stations. So you have to take the longer route and add each song to the playlist individually. When you have created this new playlist, open it and use the download option.

Going Offline

In some versions of Android, like in Android Nougat, there is an Offline mode for Spotify, you can find that in the Quick Settings Panel. This mode will allow you to keep your cellular data safe and only play the tracks you have saved on your phone.

In Android, go to Your Library and press the Settings button and toggle the Offline option. In iOS, go to Your Library, Settings, Playback and then toggle the Offline mode.

Endless Music Loop

Another ingenious feature in the Spotify app is the AutoPlay setting. The cool thing about it is that it will continue to play the ‘recommended’ tracks after your selected playlist has ended. This will create an endless music loop.

In Android, go to Your Library, Settings, flip the AutoPlay option. In iOS, go to Your Library, Settings, Playback and flip the AutoPlay option.

No More Gaps

Spotify has a built in feature to remove the gap between tracks and offer a smooth listening experience. In Android, go to Your Library, Settings, and flip the Gapless setting. In iOS, go to Your Library, Settings, and flip the Gapless switch.

Similarly, there is also the crossfade option in Spotify as well. You can add 1 to 12 seconds between songs in your playlist. In Android, go to Your Library, Settings and then Playback, in iOS go to Your Library, Settings and then Playback. There will be a slider for Crossfade which can be set to 1 to 12 seconds.

Quality of Songs

Spotify mobile app has an automatic setting that adjusts the quality of the music depending on your internet connection.  But there is a way to adjust the quality. In Android, go to Your Library, Settings, Streaming Quality or in iOS go to Your Library, Settings, Streaming Quality. Here you can select the quality from Normal, High or Extreme.

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