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Why You Should Start Using Google Search Console

Optimizing your website with Google Search Console is one of the most important things you can do to improve customer acquisition. When SEO is talked of, most people look at writing spectacular content which is okay. But content is not enough, you should also be familiar with Google Search Console. Most people are looking down on this useful tool because they call it old. Google has not taken it down for a reason and here is why you should add Google Search Console to your Arsenal.

1. HTML Improvements Using Google Search Console 

Meta data is vital if you need to get your site index by the Google Search Engine. The reason HTML tags are important is that they give search engines information regarding what your page is all about. To find your Meta tags in Search Console, you have to go on the search appearance tab and look for a section titled HTML improvements. If there are any issues, you should do all you can to get them fixed because you would lose out potential business by not doing this as soon as possible.

2. Search Analytics Using Google Search Console 

This is by far the most useful feature offered by Google Analytics if you ask me. By using this feature, you will have access to a plethora of key facts and statistics including how your web pages are performing on Google. Besides this, you will also be able to identify the click through rates of your page and their positions on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If a particular page is ranked on the SERP, then you might need to do keyword and Meta tag optimization on the page to ensure that it ranks well. Last, this section of Google Search Console can help you see the keywords of those pages on your site that are visited by many people which you can use when adding content to your website.

3. Links Using Google Search Console 

Links are important for SEO. In fact, according to google, the top three ranking factors are the Rankbrain algorithm, great content and the links on your site. The more credible links your site have, the higher the chances of it ranking higher on the Search Engine Results Page. To see the links to your site, you have to go on the search traffic section and visit the tab titled links to your site. In that tab, you will see all the links to your site. However, if you see some suspicious links, you can opt to use the Google Disavow tool to revoke these links as this can impact the Search Engine Optimization of your website.


4. Mobile Usability Using Google Search Console 

Since 2015, over half of the searches on Google are being done via mobile phones. This means it’s now a must for your website to be optimized to cater for mobile phones. If it is not as yet, then make it a point to do that before the end of 2018 because not doing so could spell your end. The goal though is not to prioritize mobile over other types of devices. You should ensure that your website is optimize for any screen size possible including those smart TV’s. The mobile usability section is search console shows you the problems on your site that are related to mobile phones and devices and how these can be fixed.


5. Index Status Using Google Search Console 

Before your website can be shown in the search engine results page, it has to be indexed by Google. The Index Status header shows you how many pages on your site have been indexed by Google and if there are any issues related to this. In layman’s terms if a page is indexed then it means that Google has discovered and analyzed the page which means it will return that page in case a user makes a query related to it.

6. Crawl Errors Using Google Search Console 

These errors can be bad for Search Engine Optimization if they aren’t kept in check as they should. Thinks like broken links will damage your site’s reputation with both search engines and your users as they can affect user experience and will also influence the effectiveness of search crawlers.

7. Sitemaps Using Google Search Console 

I had talked about the indelibility of your website and how it affects your website’s rankings on search engines. Sitemaps are important. An XML sitemap is a file that is on the top level directory in your website and lists all the pages on your website that you want Google to discover. The sitemaps section on search console will enable you to see if Google recognizes your website’s own sitemap. If the sitemap is not available, then you have to add it there as soon as you can. Not having a sitemap submitted in Google does not imply that your website is not indexed, some of your pages might have been indexed already but you still have to add the sitemap.

8. Security Issues

In 2017, it reported that about 30 million websites were hacked. The security of your website is something you have to take and not joke around with. If there are any security issues on your website, then Google will let you know. You have to visit the section titled security issues in your search console dashboard to see if there are any potential security threats on your website. Most of the security issues emanate from bulletin boards and ads on your website. The standard reaction when you encounter a security issue is to deal with it right away. If you don’t do this, then there are chances that your website might be penalized and banned from being indexed on the Google Results.

As we have seen, the Search Console provides a transparent view of what Google thinks about various aspects of your website’s SEO health. If you fix any issues identified, your website will enjoy higher rankings and increased traffic from search engines. You should also login to the Search Console to analyze your Search Analytics and tailor your approach to publishing new content.

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