Finding a good Google Pixel Phone Unlocked has never been easier! Even if the Google Pixel Phone launched just a few months ago, you can easily find unlocked models if you know where to look.

Why would you need to opt for a Google Pixel Phone Unlocked? There are many reasons why this type of phone delivers a great set of results. You’re not bound to a particular carrier; you have a more diverse choice, and you can stay away from significant roaming charges. Plus, you will be able to get an unlocked phone that doesn’t have any carrier bloatware on it. Not only that, it will be a lot easier to sell your phone..

The great thing about Google Pixel is that this is a beautiful, very powerful phone that you can use on a daily basis. It has just about all the features that you might want, all packed in an excellent package. But finding good Google Pixel Phone Unlocked models can be tough. Thankfully, we scoured the web for you and here you have the models we believe to be the very best!

Google Pixel 32GB Factory Unlocked US Version Smartphone, 5 Inch Display (Quite Black)


This 32 GB unlocked version of the Google Pixel is not bad if you want a slightly less expensive model. You have a 5-inch 1080p display which is more than ok for any day to day user. You also have support for just about any carrier in the US. The 2770 Mah battery is ok, although the XL model has a better battery and a longer battery life. Still, you get a pretty good battery life of around one day which is more than ok.

Since all Google Pixel phones in this list have the same Snapdragon 821 processor, there’s not that much to say about the processing power other than “it’s very good.” The game performance is spectacular, and the phone does a great job at handling multiple tasks performed at the same time.

When it comes to RAM, the Quite Black model is packed with 4GB. This is more than ok for any phone user and, as we mentioned earlier, you get to handle pretty much any task or video without a problem. It can also run 4K without glitches, which is nice.

Lastly, you have the 32 GB storage space. Some would consider 32GB to be more than ok, but when some apps have at least 1 GB, you will find other (larger) options a better fit. If you don’t install many apps or large applications, 32 GB will be more than ok.

Google Pixel Phone 128 GB – 5-inch display ( Factory Unlocked US Version ) (Very Silver)

The Very Silver is one of the most powerful Google Pixel Phone Unlocked models, at least from a visual standpoint. You have pretty much the same specifications when compared to the Quite Black model. You get the Snapdragon 821 processor which is powerful and with its help you can run any app without hassle. On top of that, you have the same 4 GB of RAM as well as a 5-inch display that runs at 1080p.

When it comes to connectivity, this Google Pixel Phone Unlocked model is offering support for most carriers in the US and outside the US as well.

What makes this model different? Maybe the standout thing for the Very Silver model is its high storage capacity. Unlike the aforementioned phone, this particular one comes with 128 GB of storage. If you like to install a lot of apps or just need to store a lot of data on your phone, you will find the 128 GB to provide you with more than enough storage space.

The product does a magnificent job at bringing in front a stellar design and a lot of storage space. These are some great, standout features for this particular model. On the other hand, the price of around $910 is pretty high, yet understandable if you consider the large storage capacity you receive in return.

Google Pixel XL Phone 32GB – 5.5-inch display ( Factory Unlocked US Version ) (Very Silver)


In case you want a slightly larger phone than the regular Pixel model, this Very Silver phone can be a great purchase. It’s a stellar Google Pixel Phone Unlocked model that delivers an excellent 5.5-inch QHD display. Yes, you receive a QHD display here which is better if you compare it with the 1080p models mentioned above. Also, the extra screen size does tend to offer you a better experience, especially when you use productivity apps.

The processor included with this XL model is the same Snapdragon 821 listed in all the phones mentioned above. It’s a great addition to any phone and, paired with the 4 GB of RAM, it can handle just about any task you throw at it.

Storage-wise, you receive 32 GB. It’s not a lot, but if you consider the fact that this is a larger phone, the price difference is pretty much justified in the end.

Maybe the significant difference between the regular and XL Pixel models comes from the battery life. Thanks to the 3450 Mah, you get to use your device for more than a day. It’s a great benefit that not many smartphone users get to enjoy nowadays. The price for this model is $895!

Which is the best option?

It all comes down to your needs and what you want to do with your phone. Since the processor and RAM are the same for all models, you need to decide what screen size, battery life and storage space you want. The best value for money comes from the XL since you get an extra battery life and more screen real estate. However, the 128 GB Very Silver can also be a solid purchase, provided that you can spare $900 for your new phone. Either way, these are some amazing phones that you should consider getting right away. If you want an excellent Google Pixel Phone Unlocked, you should take these phone models into consideration!

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