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The Top 10 Laptop Sleeves and Cases With Highest Ratings On Amazon

Our sources have tested dozens of the highest rated laptop sleeves and cases protecting your precious devices.  After researching We have relied on testers from over 20 of the top ranked products based on three different measurements which included how the fit, how well they protect your laptop investment, and which products are the highest overall quality.  Read on for the Top 10 Laptop Sleeves and Cases with the highest ratings on Amazon.

Our Preferred Laptop Sleeves and Cases

We are well aware that there are a lot of preferences that are made by each person in selecting the highest rated case or sleeve. Here, we’ve highlighted the Top 10 Laptop Sleeves and Cases With Highest Ratings On Amazon.  Whether you are off to the coffee shop or making use of a slide bin on an airplane, sleeves and cases are a suitable and easy way to shield your laptop.  You deserved to have that unique personality whenever you carry your laptop with you. With the tons of options available to consumers, we have helped fine down the best laptop sleeve choices offered to both Windows and Mac fans alike.

We have divided our pick for Best Laptop sleeves and covers based on their type that are:

  • Basic neoprene
  • Hard case
  • Stylish
  • Handle/pocket

The Top 10 Laptop Sleeves and Cases With Highest Ratings On Amazon

Starting with Basic neoprene class,

Basic Neoprene

Based on user reviews and market research we got two picks for the category Basic neoprene.

  • Amazon Basics Laptop sleeve
  • Incase’s ICON Sleeve with TENSAER Lite

Amazon Basics Laptop sleeve

The Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve delivers protection from smashes, debris, and other accidents your laptop may come through. It is perfect for storage or when you are traveling, the amplified sleeve features a top-loading zipper so that your tablet can be easily saved. This product is available in five different colors.


7-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 11.6-inch, 13.3-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, 17.3-inch

Recommended For Users: If you just want simple protection for a good price, get this. Basic neoprene sleeves are seamless for laptop users who want to save their laptops safe in a bag that otherwise lacks a dedicated protective pocket. They are great for anyone who does not care for extra pockets or appealing added extras beyond a limited selection of solid colors.

What makes you to buy?

Form-fitting sleeve with cool top-loading access

Accurately fit for laptops and Ultra books with a 13.3 inch display

Graceful design allows you to carry the case by itself or in a bag.

You can have it for only $10.

Incase’s ICON Sleeve with TENSAER Lite

Thorough surface and side safeguard for your 13″ MacBook Pro Retina. The shock-gripping TENSAERLite bumper is shaped and stitched to each side and provides maximum impact protection with minimal weight. Upper and lower compression panels are form-fitted to confidently secure your 13″ MacBook Pro Retina and genuine-fur lined to keep your device looking new longer. The secure magnetic cessation prevents undesirable slips and keeps out dust and rubbles. With easy access to all ports, you can charge your device while you protect it.

Recommended for Users: For those that like the broad size and shape of this kind of sleeve but take protection super intensely, Incase’s ICON Sleeve with TENSAERLite is a prodigious choice. This gorgeous sleeve fits MacBook comparable a glove and is slimmer than something is.

What makes you to buy?
  • TENSAERLITE​protective frame spellbinds impact and deal out shock.
  • ​Magnetic snap deals secure shutting and easy access to the device​
  • ​Layers of finest pieces and false fur lined inner walls offer superior support
  • Efficient construction designed for robustness and performance​

Hard case

Hard-shell laptop cases are for individuals who plan to carry their computers into hazardous circumstances like, those hiking or traveling in a rainy type of weather. We think most people can securely get away with blending a more basic sleeve in a bag in most conditions, but we would shift to a water-resistant hard-shell case in surroundings where there is a real prospect of physical or liquid damage. Again based on our favorites and a deep market research we selected two products that best fit this category with reasonable price compared to the protections they provide.

  • Thule Gauntlet hard case (The most protection you can get)
  • Booq’s Viper hard case (A more stylish hard case)

Thule Gauntlet hard case

Thule is famous for its strong and dedicated car rooftop carriers, and its shielding luggage and cases match that standing. Unlike the sleeves in the other sorts, the Gauntlet has a firm clamshell design that zips end-to-end three of its four edges and can resist more mishandling than a padding-only design. The Gauntlet’s stiff edges offer about as much defense as any sleeve can, and its water-unaffected zipper will aid to keep water out. This hard case can be yours by just paying $30.

What makes you to buy?
  • Appropriate for 13 inch MacBook Pro
  • High-compacted construction
  • Water-resistant zipper and external shell
  • Internal flexible band
  • A Clamshell design

Booq’s Viper hard case

Booq’s Viper hard case is extra stylish than the Gauntlet owed to its nylon concealment; it also weighs to some extent less. It is flawlessly appropriate for the MacBook Air 13-inch and the Chrome book Pixel. This case’s tough but frothy, handle-less design permits you to easily slip it into your preferred Booq’s laptop bag or backpack for additional protection, and its exceptional construction is curved out with a tough, steadfast YKK zipper, which firmly seals the case without coming up in contact with the surface of your laptop.

What makes you to buy?
  • Restrained & stylish security for your laptop, the flawless case for any situation
  • Tough exterior: rugged, water-resistant 1682D Cross-texture ballistic nylon exterior
  • Soft inside: non-scratch interior lining
  • High class YKK zipper; zipper does not come in contact through laptop
  • Two zipper pulls for more handiness


The laptop sleeves that we have discussed above are not completely nice looking. They are not bad looking, but they might not influence a meeting room full of cynical investors. Therefore, for the users who need want laptop that should be stylish too, we rounded with two products.

  • Snugg Leather Sleeve Case (Boardroom-ready)
  • Twelve South’s BookBook (Vintage Looks)

Snugg Leather Sleeve Case

This finest MacBook Air / MacBook Pro 13 inch Leather Case is prepared from topmost class PU leather and has a lenient nubuck fibre inner the keeps your Apple MacBook 13 from marks and scrapes. Being finished from PU leather this case is also splash resistant, supreme for keeping your MacBook protected if you are making a run to work in the rain. This case has an assembled in-card holder somewhere you can stock business cards carefully beneath the flap. The flap itself has an easygoing magnetic element that means closing the sleeve is modest and once shut it will keep your MacBook 13 firmly in place.

What makes you to buy?

  • Comprises lifetime guarantee
  • Snugg Promise – perfect fit, high quality materials and artistry
  • Magnetic flap locks the Apple MacBook in the wallet
  • Larger pocket to save pieces of paper or charging cables or your phone
  • Secure and perfectly fit for Apple MacBook Pro & Air 13 inch.
  • A back pocket where papers and documents can be kept neatly

Twelve South’s BookBook

Twelve South has been branded long for its Mac-only accessory assemblage. BookBook is designed absolutely for MacBook Air; BookBook is a sole case for the thinnest of MacBook. Weigh up as pint-sized as 13.5 ounces with an excessive-thin profile, this handmade, outspoken leather case deals heavy-duty guard. Two hardback covers, strengthened corners and a strong spine offer solid impact safety. The inside of the case is creased with a silky soft, coffee brown, amplified interior for further protection. It can be yours by just paying $80.

What makes you to buy?

  • Leather bookmarks double as zipper pulls allowing easy access to your MacBook when open, or providing complete security when closed.
  • Tucked inside BookBook, this beautiful case allows you to protect your MacBook while concealing it as a vintage book.
  • A plush, velvety interior that protects your MacBook while in the case.


Occasionally you want to lug more than just your laptop but do not want to drag around a full backpack or purse. In those occasions, it is fine to have a laptop case that has at minimum a pocket or two for your charger and certain accessories, plus a strap to throw over your shoulder or handgrips to grab onto. Therefore, to make an ease to your decision making process we have added two sleeves in that class.

  • STM Blazer (intersection of sleeve and bag)
  • Kamor’s Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve(If you prefer handles)

STM Blazer

An immeasurable laptop sleeve that also has a slip pocket for some paperwork and a detachable shoulder strap for a longer drag. The handy STM Blazer meets and surpasses these prospects. Your digital reserves are sheltered by heavy-duty, water-resistant fabric on the exterior and high-density foam and super-soft inside layer. Zippered anterior pocket for cables and a comfortable quick-grab handle mark the STM Blazer the ultimate sleeve.

Available sizes: XS, S or M for screens 11, 13 and 15-inches respectively. (Also available in 7- and 10-inch tablet sizes)

What makes you to buy?

  • Perfect Homey fit for 11″, 13” and 15″ MacBook Pro
  • Zipper closing
  • 22″ shoulder descent
  • 11″ in height

Kamor’s Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve

It is likewise a fabric sleeve; however, the material is not as nice as the Blazer’s. The Kamor’s has just single zipper pocket for a charger, cables, and the like. The pocket is not ample to slip in a 9.7-inch iPad nevertheless, still fits more than maximum other sleeves. In place of a shoulder band, the bag has fabric grips that can be appropriately inserted away while not in use.

What makes you to buy?

  • It is Exact fit for laptops and Ultra-books via utmost of 13, 13.3, 14 inch laptops, notebooks and Ultra books.
  • Canvas Fabric material with standard style offers a trendy design and higher protection, soft fabric coating protects laptop/netbook from dust, shocks, knocks and scrapes.
  • Additional three pockets that are suitable to place your mobile phone, notebook, tablet, cards, USB cable, headphone, cable, mouse, book and other equipment; Internal pockets are particularly designed for keeping stylus, pen, name card, bank card and other accessories
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