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Thirteen Free Gmail Plugins You Must Get Today

Today, emails have become a significant and vital form of communication especially in business world. Worldwide people are using Gmail to make communication more reliable and efficient. The ability to create and manage labels allows organizing your email communications. Besides, by using these 13 Free Gmail Plugins you can make your Gmail using experience a lot more smooth and streamlined.

13 Free Gmail Plugins

Here we are listing top 13 Gmail plugins that you must try using.

  • Rapportive: Get LinkedIn profiles of your email contacts right in your Gmail
  • 13 Free Gmail Plugins

There are days when your Gmail inbox gets flooded with emails. In such instances, you wish that there was an easier way to know who is emailing you, so can get a better understanding of the email received. By installing Rapportive in your browser you can get detailed profile of sender in the sidebar of Gmail. This browser plugin shows you everything about your contacts like their social profile, present work position etc. right inside your inbox. It is a free plugin that supports all major browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

  • Boomerang for Gmail

  • Boomerang For Gmail: Take control of when you send and receive email messages

Boomerang for Gmail allows you to take control of your email with options like: schedule an email, set up email reminders and follow up reminders. With Boomerang you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at chosen time. This proves really helpful if you communicate with people in different time zones. You can also open an email and choose when you want to see it again. Boomerang will archive your message. You can choose a time to show it back in your inbox, marked unread, starred or even on top of your emails. With Boomerang you can also take follow up from your contacts you don’t hear back from.

  • me: Get a complete list of your subscription emails. Easily unsubscribe from email lists

Generally, people subscribe to a number of newsletters and email lists but they never actually read the email they receive through such subscriptions. And if you wish to unsubscribe from them then doing it manually will take a lot amount of your time. But with you can unsubscribe with a single click from every list you don’t have any interest in.

  • Todoist for Chrome

    Todoist for Chrome: Most powerful to do list app for Gmail.

With ToDoIst you can change your important emails into tasks, access your to-do list and collaborate on shared projects easily from your inbox. You can also visualize your productivity with its feature Todoist Karma.



Free Gmail Plugin to Tell If Emails Are Tracked for Gmail

  • for Gmail: Free and easy email reminder

With FollowUpThen you can receive a follow up regarding an email to ensure that you never miss a follow up and impress your clients with your determination and punctuality. You can also send reminders to other people in your team to follow up. Depending on you want to remind about the follow up, you have to include [any time] in the “To”, “Cc” or “Bcc” fields of your email.


  • WiseStamp: Customize a perfect email signature for you

Do you feel your email signature is very predictable and boring. Use WiseStamp to create a professional looking and captivating signature. Choose from a number of templates, frames and looks to customize your perfect looking email signature. You can also include your photo in your signature. Besides, you can even integrate with Google Analytics to optimize your email signature for clickthroughs and engagement.

  • Enhancements for Gmail: Improve Your Gmail Experience

If you like to personalize and customize the digital tools that you use every day, then you will love this Chrome extension. With this plugin you can remove the ads, the chat bar and invite friend messages. You can also set Gmail as your default email app and create easy desktop email notifications.

  • Gmail Offline: Access your Gmail without network access



With this plugin you can access your Gmail without network access. You can read your emails, reply to them, search and archive them offline. The streamlined UI, based off Gmail’s popular tablet interface, gives superfast response time with a simple, email focused experience. If you are stuck somewhere without network access this free Gmail plugin could help you stay updated.

  • CloudMagic: Integrate productivity tools with Gmail

This Gmail tool gives you seamless integration between your cloud-based tools and Gmail account. With this tool you can access cloud-based tools like Mailchimp, Zendesk, Salesforce, Trello, Pocket and Evernote without leaving your Gmail inbox.


  • Streak: A CRM inside Gmail


Streak is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that is fully integrated with Gmail. Manage hiring, bug tracking, client support, sales cycles, schedule emails and send snippets. A free version of this CRM is also available or you can go for paid version too.

  • Inbox When Ready for Gmail™

Inbox When Ready for Gmail

With this plugin you can receive emails in batches in set time, say hourly; so, you don’t have to be constantly interrupted by new email alerts. It is a great plugin to schedule emails at particular times throughout your workday to ensure they won’t disturb your work flow.

  • mxHero Toolbox: Get read receipts, use reply timeout, privately share files, schedule emails and manage attachments

Mail2Cloud for Chrome
Howard Silverman | Gmail Login and Gmail Sign in Information

With this plugin you can track when your emails or their attachments are opened. You will get notified the moment when your email opened. You can also send emails at optional times, send reminders, track links in your emails as well as protect your privacy with self-destructing emails.

  • Checker Plus for Gmail: Desktop notification for Gmail notification

Checker Plus for Gmail
Howard Silverman | Gmail Login and Gmail Sign in Information

With this tool you can enable desktop notifications, listen, read or delete email without opening your inbox and easily manage multiple accounts. The simple integration of the notifications with Chrome allows you check your different Gmail and Google Apps with one click.

So, get these best Gmail plugins and use Gmail more easily and effortlessly. Also, improve your email workflow and never miss out any anything. These plugins are available free of cost, so just download them and get started.

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