Facebook is for family, fun, and frolicking and LinkedIn is seriousness and professionalism. So when you come over to LinkedIn, you have to put your official face on. Like other social media websites, LinkedIn has its own security issues. You have to take precautions with LinkedIn login and navigation. Some tips for that very purpose are given below.

LinkedIn Login Security

You may have heard, there was a security breach on LinkedIn last year that compromised millions of users. So LinkedIn login security should be your number one priority in 2017. Though you may not have been personally affected, it is still advised that you change your password as soon as possible. Simply go to your settings menu and select ‘password change’ to reset the password.

Limiting Information Sharing

LinkedIn login security is one thing, but you also have to control who can see your contact information. On LinkedIn, the point is to grow your professional network far and wide. You may add people that you do not personally know. So it is important to keep your private information secure.

The last thing you need is someone stalking you on LinkedIn and learn your contact number and address. There isn’t a privacy setting for keeping this information private right now. You can go to the edit profile section and remove this information.

LinkedIn login

Secure Browsing

HTTPS is usually available on all popular websites. It means that the website is secure and safe to use even when you are on public networks. Make sure that the HTTPS is visible on the LinkedIn site when you browsing it. There aren’t any special settings that you need to change to get to the secure browsing mode as it is automatic.

Public Profile

Your public profile, as the name suggests, is public and is accessible to anyone that wants to view it on the website. Some of the information on your profile may be more sensitive than you realize. So be very careful about sharing the specifics of your work history and educational background or anything about your current location. You can go to the settings menu and select the edit public profile to change the information visible to the public.

Privacy Settings

Many people don’t bother to check the privacy control settings on LinkedIn as they do on Facebook. They assume that on this professional network there isn’t any risk, think again. You should limit access to your feed and there also an option of anonymous profile viewing, which allows you to view profiles without other people knowing about it. LinkedIn privacy settings are available in the profile tab as ‘privacy controls’.

It is advised that you regularly visit this section of the profile, as LinkedIn makes updates to their privacy and they show up on this page. You don’t want to miss out on anything important and end up paying a price.

Online security is of the utmost importance and by adhering to these tips you will keep yourself safe on this professional network. From LinkedIn login to the privacy settings, everything needs a review and soon, so you don’t become a target for hackers looking for information to exploit LinkedIn users.

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