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Top 10 Gmail Firefox Add-ons

Today, a person can’t live without checking his email at least once or twice a day. Everyone wants to stay connected as much as possible disregarding the distance that can be between them. Your e-mail allows you to stay in touch with anybody, anytime and anywhere.

E-mail service providers such as Gmail has become indispensable because of everybody’s need to stay connected, whether be it for work or personal reasons. Although Gmail already has some nifty features on its own, there are plug-ins that can be installed to make your user experience even better.

There are many different browsers available, but Firefox has some of the most interesting plug-ins that work well with Gmail. This shows that you should take another look at Firefox before totally abandoning it for other web browsers.

Firefox Add-Ons for Gmail

 Gmail Firefox Addons

There are many different add-ons on Firefox that is perfect for Gmail. Choosing from hundreds of add ons is a daunting task. We have narrowed the list down to 10 of the must have Firefox add- ons for Gmail.


  1. Powerbot for Gmail
    1. This add on will allow you to integrate Evernote to your Gmail. What this add-on provides you is a way to insert any of your Evernote notes or notebooks to a Gmail e-mail easily.
  2. Gmail Notifier
    1. With this add-on you can get notifications on your desktop whenever you receive a new email on your Gmail account.
  3. Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps
    1. If you are using most of the free Google apps available, this add on to your Firefox browser will allow you to see all of it at a glance through your Gmail inbox.
  4. Google Shortcuts
    1. If you want easy access to your Gmail without typing the URL of the sign in page to your browser, this add-on is perfect for you. It provides one click access not just to Gmail but to the other Google services as well.
  5. HelloSign for Gmail
    1. This add on will provide you an easy way of opening any attachments from your Gmail as well as editing and signing it.
  6. PowerInbox
    1. If you want to integrate your social media to your Gmail inbox you can do so with PowerInbox installed to your Firfeox browser.
  7. Gmail Manager
    1. You will be able to manage multiple Gmail accounts with this add on as well as receive notifications when a new mail is received in your Inbox.
  8. Email Yourself!
    1. This add-on will allow you to email yourself via Gmail the link of any website you are viewing together with the title and brief summary.
  9. Gmail Panel
    1. With this add-on you will no longer have to open a separate tab to check your Gmail. With a click of a button a panel with your Gmail inbox will be made available for you.
  • Unread Gmail Favicon
    1. You will easily know how many unread emails you have on your Gmail Inbox. This Firefox add on also allows you to have desktop notifications when a new mail arrives. This will help you keep track of all of your emails easily.



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