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Top 4 Email Marketing Services On Google

By now, you may have decided to embark upon the journey of email marketing. Every business owner must know that the success of your marketing efforts depends on the professionals that work for your marketing campaigns. There are a plethora of companies that claim to offer the best services at affordable rates. But for a relatively inexperienced business owner, it is very hard to tell which email marketing company will be the best choice for his niche.

If you are one such person, you don’t need to worry at all because we have everything sorted out for you. Here is the list of top 4 email marketing service providers that have a proven track record of success under their belt. So take a look at the list and visit each one of these sites to decide the best one for yourself



Founded in 1995, this company has served our 50000 global clients and helped them reach their target market easily. ConstantContact promises to empower small enterprises to succeed by growing their customer relations.



The email marketing software of Campaigner was selected by PC Mag as the top email marketing service provider of 2016. The company offers the email marketing services with the features that the clients crave for i.e. best user experience, affordability, and 24/7 technical support.



Emma promises to provide highly advanced email automation services for enterprises and nonprofits at highly affordable rates. The email marketing product of Emma integrates some of the best analytics and reporting tools to provide an impactful marketing experience for the clients.



GetResponse is another highly credible email marketing service provider. It offers a personalized email marketing strategy that helps businesses connect with their target clients when they are online and interested in buying something.

Email Marketing Is The Leading ROI

A common misconception among marketing professionals is that email marketing has taken a backseat.  This is due to the recent surge of social media channels.  Emails are still as relevant and email marketing is as effective as ever.

Regardless of how far things have changed, emails are still a reliable source of communication for a large percent of internet users. Among the billions who have email accounts, many of them regularly check their inbox. This provides the marketing managers with an opportunity to think about reaching their prospects right into their inboxes.

If you are still not convinced whether to invest on email marketing or not, take a look at some eye-opening stats below and decide for yourself!

Almost Every Internet User Has An Email ID

More than 90% of internet users have got at least one email ID. This means that there are more than 4 billion email accounts at your disposal. This is more people than all the top social media platforms combined. So if you choose to make email marketing one of your main marketing channels, you can significantly improve your lead generation stats.

60% of Recipients Read the Subject of the Email Before Marking it as Spam

This stat makes us realize how important it is to have impactful subject lines in our email marketing. This also means that if you know how to grab the attention of the readers by catchy headlines and subjects, your marketing campaign is sure going to go places. You just have to convince people to open the email based on just a few words, and you though coming up with creative tweets was hard. The subject line should give the consumers every reason to at least open the email, so make sure that it is exclusive and personalized.

Immersive Promotional Emails Make it More Convenient for the Buyers to Do Online Shopping

Email marketing methods make buying experience easier for the online buyers. This is done through immersive promotional techniques that provide clients with exclusive offers by following a simple link. Once the clients are one your site with a single click, they are more likely to stay longer and buy more products.

Buyers Attracted From The Email Marketing Spend Almost Twice More Than Other Online Buyers

There are two main reasons for this. First, the convenience that the promotional emails bring for the buyers. When you let your target clients know about the exclusive deals and discounts offers, they get more inclined towards shopping at your store rather than browse for any of your competitors. This means that they are less likely to refuse your offers once you knock at their door and let them know about how cool your products are and how affordable are their prices.

If you have gone through all the stats above, you must have realized by now how much potential the email marketing has. It just starts here, once you actually put your marketing efforts towards email marketing, you will then realize that this medium is still one of the hottest channels to attract and retain more clients towards your business.

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