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Top 5 Gmail Features That Make it The Best Mail Provider

Gmail is one of the biggest mail provider services these days. There are a number of Gmail features that make it stand out among the other free mail providers.  Here are the top 5 reasons for choosing Gmail as your mail service.

An extensive list of Gmail features

Gmail features

Gmail provides its users with a variety of options, including the Gmail chat services which happen to come along with the mail web. You can also mute the chat if you wish to focus on your work. This is a feature specific to Gmail and lets the users choose only what they need without interruptions from chats and group conversations.
In addition to the Gmail chat services, there is the option to save your documents on your Google account. Gmail provides users with a free 15MB Drive and also with the option of Online Google Docs, which allows you to store your documents for future use no matter which system you log on to. Moreover, there is the option of archiving your conversations, choosing a variety of destination for your emails simply by right clicking for options.

Security and Reliability

Gmail is the most reliable mail provider services and happens to have a high degree of reliability. In addition, users are provided with additional measures in case they are in need of assurance. Securing Gmail account is easy, simple and comes with a good array of options. If you happen to be using your Gmail account on more than one device, there are options for easy recovery of your data. The simple verification steps add to enhanced security. You can use security questions and verification by a code that you receive on your mobile. This is the best option if you use different systems. Moreover, if you ever do Gmail login from a new device, Gmail immediately notifies you with the time and location of the login, so that you can immediately reset your security options.

The incredible IM integration

With so much that Google has to offer, Gmail has an incredible range of options that allow you to use send and receive messages instantly by the integrated IM services. Also, the Google Hangout option ensures that your communications are lively and keep going smoothly. The options of video chats and conference calls with multiple users at once are perhaps the most noticeable feature.

A well-categorized Inbox

Gmail has smart algorithms for the efficient categorization of emails. The promotional emails are auto-categorized and separated from your other emails. Moreover, you can mark your own preferences and label conversations as ‘important’.  Gmail inbox remembers your selection and follows your preferences from there on.


Gmail features make it one of the most diverse and versatile email provider services. It is compatible with a huge number of devices and you can easily access it from any type of device that you use. Moreover, the nature of the documents being shared is vast. Be it word, power point presentations, excel sheets, image files or videos, it can all be emailed. For the larger files, you can use the Google Drive for sharing your data.


In all, there is so much that you can do in addition to accessing and sending emails. This is perhaps the reason behind the immense popularity of Gmail.

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