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Trello Login Help Using Your Gmail Account

Before you get started, you’ll need to Log in to Gmail and Trello. You can create an account on Trello with your gmail address and setup a unique password.

There are lots of email provider services that claim to have organized, up-to-date and fast job but none perform best when you log in to Trello with Gmail. As Gmail partners with Trello — a paradigm in managing your business, projects, schedule, due dates and other to-do-lists, you can now get things done instantly with no delay and hassle.

Trello Login Help

Staying on top of the freshest and the hottest is very important especially when you’re in the corporate world where time is of essence and every second counts. Searching through the Inbox for that one particular email from a client you need to respond to could be a chore, especially when it was sent some few weeks ago.  With the Gmail evolution, you need not go through each of your email. Just log in to Gmail and a few clicks will take you to the right spot.

The Gmail In box has undergone significant developments by partnering with the smart Trello and GitHub applications to suit the requirements of the ever fast-paced professionals in terms of emails. The purpose is to get your mails organized and efficient so you can save time. On top of that, you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for – latest news, hottest trend, vacation getaways, and other information; you can access them instantly without a fuss. From now on, be amazed on what’s happening and peek the latest updates with Google Alerts, Trello, and Github.  Updates based on your feedback can also be smoothly obtained from Google Drive integration.

Gmail collaboration with Trello and GitHub

The Inbox Team has collaborated with Trello –an innovation in project management and Github– an equally stimulating software application, to make your email notifications structurally arranged.

Once you log in to Trello, a brief presentation or overview of your Trello projects is shown just to give you a heads up. On the other hand, GitHub presents you with the different code changes and issues filed for every repository.

Be Alert with Google Alerts

Monitor and scan the topics you care about with Google Alerts. News all over the world is briefly flashed just like a newsletter right in your Inbox. Yes! You read it right! Right in the Inbox, together with your messages! If you think the news is worth reading, just click so you can read more and know the whole story.  If you think otherwise, you can simply mark it as done.

Other perks in Gmail Inbox

We care about what you think and what you may need. So we constantly update you with the latest features based on your feedback.

On Google Drive:

  • Simply insert Drive links into emails
  • Check and fix permissions for the links
  • Save the file attachments to Drive

In composing Email:

Drag and drop contacts between To, CC, and BCC

  • Effortlessly delete emails by marking as done

What’s in store?

For entrepreneurs who wanted to make the most out of their emails, and for those whose mode of communicating business is through electronic, we are here to help. We wanted you to do business in a fun but serious, and exciting yet productive manner.

What is Trello?

Trello is a visually stimulating and powerful tool that gets project management efficiently, effectively and orderly done.

Professional and Personal Benefits from Trello

With Trello, you can organize almost anything. What with its user friendly interface, you can always monitor anything and connect with anyone in the world. Trello is very useful and interesting since it can be used in professional and home setting.

Entrepreneurs in different fields will surely log in to Trello to manage their schedule and priorities.

Real estate managers – data may be arranged by clients, calling cards, and locations.

Software project coordinators – project name, project stage/phase and development are progressively tracked from inception to end

Teachers – lessons plans, name of students and grade point average are systematically planned and computed

Lawyers – case numbers, client names and court hearing schedules are laid out so you can prioritize which comes first

Activity Planner – you can post activity for the whole week to see which activity needs urgency and priority

Trello also organizes trips, vacations and lunch meetings. At a glance, daily tasks can be monitored using colorful labels for easy management.

Home planner– plan out your meal, exercise, homework, chores and simply mark off the list once done

Family updates – Have each member of the family on board by creating each member  a list and  enable reminders, chores and proposals within reach

Travel list – bookings, reservations, tickets and itinerary come very handy with Trello innovation. Share the board with your travel buddies so they can add their own notes too.

What to love about Trello              

  • Flexible list-making
  • Schedule arranger
  • sync with your device
  • accessible anywhere
  • list organizer
  • available in Google Play/App Store
  • collaborate with anyone, anywhere
  • improves business
  • visual organization of schedule
  • captures snapshots
  • sync with Google calendar
  • allows for  collaborative environment
  • visual presentation of project/tasks
  • digital sticky notes/cork board
  • Trello free service is already rich in features
Trello Login Help
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