Tumblr is amongst the popular social networking websites today which also a key feature of blogging. It was founded by David Karp in February 2007 and owned by Yahoo in 2013. Like many other social networking website providers, Tumblr too requires a few steps to first become its registered user and a login procedure to start taking advantages of the Tumblr’s features. Along with that, this article will cover some of the common Tumblr login problems you might face and a brief solution to those problems. So, if you plan on becoming a regular user of Tumblr, make sure you read this article till the very end to ensure smooth and easy usage.

Overview of Tumblr

tumblr login

Like many social media networking websites, Tumblr has many keen features and interesting points listed below.

  • Tumblr blog posts have reached 339.4 million in 2017
  • The dashboard is the main tool for Tumblr users. It gives live updates of recent posts of other users.
  • The queue feature is a unique one. It allows the user to schedule a delayed post. It can be scheduled to as long as many days ahead
  • The tag system is a key feature in many of the social networking services. Tumblr too knows its importance and has enabled it for its users.
  • Users can edit their blog’s theme by HTML editing
  • Tumblr can be enjoyed right at your fingertips. Tumblr mobile app is available for all types of mobile software, with iOS being the first to have launched its official iPhone app.
  • Instant messaging along with messages that can be sent with a specific blog post someone posted.

How to Sign up for Tumblr

The sign-up procedure is done a few easy steps which are as follows

  • Go to tumblr.com
  • Click on the log in button then click on Sign up at the top right corner of your screen
  • Since it is owned by Yahoo, you will first need a Yahoo email address
  • Then enter a password
  • Birthday
  • Gender and then click on continue
  • Tick the ‘I am not a robot’ box
  • You will then be asked to choose a username


Tumblr Login

After your account has been made, simply type in the credentials to your Tumblr account in the respective fields and you’re good to go. Tumblr also allows mobile usage, so you just have to sign in once and it will be at your fingertips all the time, every time.

Problems You Might Face During Tumblr Login

If you happen to visit your Tumblr account and got stuck while doing so, the only real problem you might be facing is a forgotten password. Click on the ‘Trouble signing in?’ icon and a page will be displayed asking you to fill one of the following personal information; email address or mobile phone number, recovery phone number or recovery email address. Once filled in, an account key will be generated and sent to the respective information. You will have to type in the Account key and continue to regain access to your Tumblr account.

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