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15 Ways To Search Google You Must Know About

In recent years, Google search engine has developed quick search hacks for common data requests, such as sunset times and weather reports. These quick searches prominently display the requested information at the top of the results page, with no need to navigate to another website or Google page. Many of the quick searches also have highly convenient, modifiable features, such as the built-in Google calculator. Below are twenty of these time-saving Google search engine features.

Twenty Time-Saving Google Search Engine Features


1. Timer

Google search engine will automatically begin a countdown timer for you if you type “timer” in the search bar, followed by the amount of time you’d like to count down from. For example, you can enter “timer 60 minutes” or “timer 2 hours”. Timers are great for making sure you stay on track while working or studying, and thanks to Google they’ve never been easier to set up. You can easily pause or reset the timer if needed.

2. Country information

Google will display interesting and informative graphics about different countries when you type simple search terms and a country name. For example, if you type “population” followed by the name of a country, Google will display a graph of that country’s population over time. A similar graph will appear if you search for “birth rate”. When applicable, if you type “leader” and a country name, Google will return the name of the country’s chief of state, his or her title and a photo.

3. Unit conversion

Google search engine will efficiently handle unit conversions for you. Just type the amount you want converted, the units and the target units in the search bar. For example, the search “50 kg to pounds” will quickly return “110.231 pounds”. Google not only displays the result but also adds a toggle feature so that you can adjust the amounts and unit types you want converted. This allows you to easily calculate multiple conversions.

4. Calculator

Google has a built-in calculator that can be accessed by typing “calculator” into the search bar. You can also type a mathematical operation into the search bar to generate its answer, delivered within the calculator feature. Google’s calculator allows you to click buttons or type in calculations, depending on your preference.

5. Local time

You can find the local time anywhere in the world by typing in a place and the word “time”. This is incredibly useful when you have friends and family in other countries and want to double check that you’re not waking them up in the middle of the night when you give them a call.

6. Sports scores

You can find the latest scores of your favorite sports teams by typing the team name into Google’s search enginebar. In addition to the score, the results will display the date and opponent of the team’s last sporting event.

7. Sunrise and sunset

Google will quickly deliver sunrise and sunset times anywhere in the world. If you have allowed Google search engine to access your current location, all you have to do is type “sunrise” or “sunset” to generate local times. Add the name of a place to get the sunrise or sunset time somewhere else in the world. These are great features during times of the year when the daily amount of sunlight is shifting, and you want to make sure you don’t end up in total darkness during your evening run.

8. Flight schedules

Type “flights” your place of origin, and your destination into a Google search bar, and Google will return a flight calculator displaying the cheapest flights at different airlines on default days. You can toggle the days to find accurate information about your trip. The results also include data about flight times, the length of the trip, layovers, and such esoteric but important information as “average legroom”.

9. Weather

Type “weather” into the search bar, Google will return a detailed report about the current temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed, and expected weather throughout the day and upcoming days. You can research the weather anywhere in the world by adding a place name to your search.

10. Movie showtimes

If you enter the search term “movies”, Google will return movies playing in your local area, with links to locations and showtimes. If you want to know where and when a particular movie is playing, just type in the name of the movie, and Google will return its showtimes.

11. Company stocks

You can find current stock market information about any company by typing in the name of the country and “stocks”. You can also toggle the infographic that appears to find information about the company’s performance over different periods of time

12. Television schedules

If you type the name of a television show into Google, you can access information about titles of upcoming episodes and when they are set to air. This is great for figuring out whether your favorite show’s schedule may be modified by other programming.

13. Translation

Google’s search bar can be hacked to quickly provide translations of words and sentences. For example, if you are an English speaker and you want to translate a Spanish phrase into English, you can type the word “translate” in English, plus the Spanish phrase. The search “translate Hola amigos” will return “Hello friends”. This feature can be used with any languages available on Google Translate.

14. Nutritional information

Type the name of any food and “nutrition” into Google to receive nutritional information about a standard portion of the food, which can be modified to reflect a larger or smaller portion. For example, the search “grapes nutrition” returns information about the calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals in one cup of grapes.

15. Holiday dates

You can access the date of any upcoming holiday by typing the name of the holiday and “date”. If you are looking for a holiday date beyond the current year, you can type the holiday name and the year. This feature is great for holidays that change their date each year and require preparation, such as Thanksgiving in the United States.

16. Famous quotes

You can access a quick list of quotations by a famous person by typing that person’s name and “quotes” or “quotations” into Google’s search bar. For example, typing “Mark Twain quotes” returns a list of 10 well-known quotations by the famous author.

17. Locations of local venues

Searching allows you to quickly access a list of local venues and a link to Google Maps. For example, if you are looking for local restaurants and Google has access to your location, you can type “restaurants” into the search bar to get a list and map of local restaurants, with reviews, information about hours and links to their websites. This search hack can be used for many types of venues, such as movie theaters, libraries, gyms and cafes.

18. Books by your favorite authors

It is easy to find a list of a prominent author’s works using a Google search. Simply type an author’s name and “books” into the search bar and a scrollable list of the author’s works will appear at the top of the results page, with cover art, dates of publication and links to more information about the books.

19. Song lyrics

You can access lyrics to any well-known song by typing the name of the song and “lyrics” into a Google search bar. You no longer have to click on links to shady, often incorrect song lyric sites and face a slew of pop-up ads to find the lyrics you’re looking for.

20. Currency conversion

This feature is great for when you are traveling or making an international purchase. You can quickly find the conversion rate between two currencies by typing them into a Google search bar. For example, you could type “US dollars to euros” and get an up-to-date value comparison. You can also type in a particular amount of money to get it converted into a different currency.

These twenty search hacks can save you time by providing valuable, location-specific and up-to-date information without any need to navigate to a new website. All of them can be access by navigating to and using the search bar, or even typing directly into your URL bar if Google is your default homepage.

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